Hernando Christian’s Beware!

NO-CHRISTMAS-THIS-YEAR-with-chainsaw-i-hate-christmasThere has been a rash of Christmas decoration vandalism’s throughout Dixie, North, and the Midwest that has totaled about $150,000 USD in damages since December 1st. Some of the decoration displays that have been targeted are some of the largest displays in America, and most have held a world record at one point or another. The local authorities are doing their best to track down these groups, but unfortunately these groups leave no evidence behind and are professionals. In other words these guys are not kids or just some knuckle dragging douches.

One of the largest Christmas displays in America, which is located just outside of my nations capitol (i.e. Richmond, VA), was hit last week. The damage done to this massive 3 acre Christmas wonderland totaled around $6,000 USD.

In most cases the victims of these anti-Christian terror acts were so outraged that they have announced that they will not be putting up anymore lights, ever again.The family from Richmond stated that they will not do it again as well, and blamed the vandalism on local Marxists from the near by labor union. However to date no evidence has been found to connect the vandalism to the labor unions or any Marxist groups.

Here are some links to the stories… if you do a Google search then you will get near 15 pages of news stories about similar vandalism acts occurring this year and last year.




Those out there in Hernando County that like to put up lights, beware! We have our own share of Marxist loons and retired labor union thugs living within our region. Our advice would be to attach some battery operated alarms to your decorations that when triggered can’t be shut off. This way if some Marxists or crusty ole labor union jack-offs come a calling then you will have time to get your camera and your gun, or just your gun and given them some good ole fashioned Hernando County holiday spirit!

We would like to thank Bob Haa, the host of WWJB 1450 AM’s “Haa Wire” show for letting us know about this.

EDIT – We got some e-mails from the local Marxists in the Democrat Party demanding an answer as to why Marxists are being accused of being anti-christian or haters of Christmas. In the event you idiots over at the Democrat Party have not cracked open a non-government history text book then you might not know that Marxists, in every country that is Marxist, has banned all religion and religious holidays… the religion of Marxists is State Worship. Hence why we are inclined to believe the gentleman from Richmond who suspects that local Marxists in the labor unions were behind the recent rash of vandalism.


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