Rubio Supports Assualt Weapons Ban…

gun_controlSen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) remains a supporter of Second Amendment rights but is “open to measures that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill,” his spokesman told the Tampa Bay Times on Monday.

Rubio, who has a B+ rating from the NRA and an A rating from the Gun Owners of America (for now), “supports a serious and comprehensive study of our laws to find new and better ways to prevent any more mass shootings,” his spokesman said.

Florida’s other senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, has voted to ban assault weapons in the past. Two Democratic senators with high rankings from the gun lobby said Monday in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting that they would support more regulation of assault  weapons.

This is all BS speak by Rubio to mask his true support for a future assulat weapons ban, and a ban on magazines that can hold more then “X” amount of rounds.

Following the Republican loss to Obama last month, the GOP leadership announced that they would begin to become a more appealing political option to the other 50% of Americans. In otherwords this is more political double speek, and what they really meant to say was that they would “become more socialist, pro-gay marriage, pro-illegal alien, anti-gun, and anti-abortion.”

Its time for every voter in Hernando County that fancies themselves a conservative to leave the GOP and join a real conservative party in the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party.

All Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates have A+ raitings from the NRA/GOA and the Constitution Party has a A+ raiting in anti-illegal immigration, and a A+ raiting from the Tenth Amendment Center.


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