Florida Republican’s are nothing but Snakes in the Grass…

100401_tea_party_protest_ap_218Florida Senate President and a very powerful Republican leader of the State GOP, Don Gaetz is quoted in a NYT story that looks at the diminished clout of the tea party.

 … But a number of Republican leaders said the Tea Party seemed headed toward becoming just another political faction, not a broad movement. It may rally purists, but it will continue to alienate realists and centrists, they said.

“I think the Tea Party movement is to the Republicans in 2013 what the McGovernites were to the Democrats in 1971 and 1972,” said Don Gaetz, a Republican who is the president of the Florida Senate. “They will cost Republicans seats in Congress and in state legislatures. But they will also help Republicans win seats.”

Because the Tea Party comprises thousands of local groups, it is impossible to determine whether its ranks shrank after the many electoral defeats last month, which activists said caused grief and deep frustration.

… Another issue boiling is the “nullification” of the Affordable Care Act. Angry that Mr. Obama’s re-election means that the health care law will not be repealed, some activists claim that states can deny the authority of the federal government and refuse to carry it out. At a Florida State Senate meeting this month, two dozen Tea Party activists called the law “tyrannical” and said the state had the right to nullify it.

Mr. Gaetz, the Senate president, a conservative Republican, said in an interview that he, too, disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling that upheld the law. But he called nullification “kooky.”

“We’re not a banana republic,” he said. It is “dangerous to the foundation of the republic when we pick and choose which laws we will obey.”

It is very apparent to me, and I would hope that it would be very apparent to any of our readers that the Florida Republicans are the enemies of not only the TEA Party, but are also the enemy of anyone that believes in the original intent of the Founding Fathers, and those that champion the Constitution of not just Florida, but of the Union.

This jack-ass Gaetz is the leader of the Republican Party of Florida and his above statements are crystal clear that he, and his Party, both loath the Constitution,  the Founding Fathers, the TEA Party, and believe in big abusive government. Don’t give me the excuse that they are too stupid to understand the Virginia-Kentucky resolutions of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison because that is elementary stuff. Learning and understanding how Thomas Jefferson and James Madison created the States Right of nullification during the Alien and Sedition Acts crisis is something that the leadership of the Florida Republican Party knows all to well about, but has chosen to out right ignore.

After all Republicans are the jerk offs that violated the Constitution back in 1861 to illegally invade a foreign nation (i.e. the Confederacy) which legally and peacefully seceded from the Union. The Republicans are evil and have always been enemies of the Constitution. Long before Richard Nixon broke up the solid south vote and flipped the Southern vote from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party, the Republicans were considered the enemies of the South and the Constitution by Southerners. Even when the Southern voters flipped from the newly Socialist Democrat Party to the fraudulent “Pro-Constitution” Republican Party the Southern Voters Association issued numerous warnings to Southerners to not trust these “Snakes in the Grass”.

Well nearly 40 years after the Republicans were able to trick the Southern voter into supporting them, the GOP is finally showing its true colors and those colors are purple and gold, or the colors of the Imperialist “Big Government” hacks that they truly are.

So what are our alternatives? Well there is the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, who both support the Constitution, the original intent of the founders, and States Rights. The choice is yours… you can remain in the corrupt and evil anti-Liberty Party of the Republicans, who thinks the TEA Party is full of “kooks” and that nullification, which was a political right of the States that was created by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, is “Kooky”… or you can join a party that will actually stand up for your rights, the Constitution, the rights of the States, and the founders.


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