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R.I.N.O. GOP & Rubio Support Amnesty

0000000000party_split_big3Right now the Republican Party has a good chance at winning the 2016 Presidential race regardless of which lame duck candidate they end up nominating. Even a Chris Christie ticket could easily trounce a Joe Biden ticket or a Hillary Clinton ticket… hell Mitt Romney could come back, run again, and still manage to beat Joe “the idiot” Biden, or Hillary “Bengazi” Clinton. Joe Biden is a complete idiot on the level of Dan Quayle, and Hillary is now connected with the murder of US Navy Seals and a US Envoy.

The Republican Party has a good shot at winning in 2016, as long as Marco Rubio does not get his way.

The Democrat Party, which is the party of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, Adolph Hitler who was a liberal-fascist, has not changed its ideas since the mid-1940’s when they abandoned the Confederate’s in the Deep South in lue of Marxist Utopia and Socialist Imperial control. Instead of changing their platform, they instead change the voters.

For decades since the Democrats dumped the “Solid South” in favor of the “Red Fist of Communism”, the Democrats have been working feverishly to create more Democrats by encouraging divorce (another Democratic voter!), illegitimacy (another Democratic voter!), preaching to the blacks that they are always the victim and that “Whitey” is still out to get them (another Democratic voter!), and promoting abortion of Americans so that Turd World immigrants from the obedient and foreign Marxist nations of Mexcio and Latin America will one day become the majority (another Democratic voter!).

While this is a fact, what is even more stranger is that the Republican Party now seems determined to help the Democrats out by creating more Democrat’s. If Marco “The Angry Burrito” Rubio’s amnesty plan is passed then he will effectively over night have quadrupled the Democrat Party’s voter base and in doing so will prevent the Republicans from ever taking back the White House or the Senate. Read the rest of this entry


Response to Bob Haa (Part Duex)

angry-letter4-300x292During Monday mornings “Haa Wire” show on WWJB, a caller brought up our spot on response to Bob Haa’s first round of attacks against this here blog. Needless to say we nailed it in our original retort because Bob Haa chose to not bring up the talking points he did in his earlier attack against this blog. Instead he chose to make the accusation that the Heckler, and its staff are a bunch of ultra-Liberal Democrat plants, who are hell bent on bringing down the righteous Republican Party.

If you are a regular Heckler reader then you know that this is just a bunch of dishonest mud slinging… if you are not a regular Heckler reader then we would like to invite you to read our blog and make your mind up for yourself. Upon reading the Heckler you will soon discover that it is true that we HATE the Republican Party, but you will find it even more true that we hate the Democrats, Liberalism, and Marxism even more.

Hopefully you will not be as short sighted as Bob Haa in assuming that if one hates the Republican Party, then they must be a liberal. We also hope that you will not be as narrow minded as Bob Haa in assuming that the Republican Party is still a conservative party, or was ever a conservative party. Sure the GOP has had a handful (about 3) hard-core conservative Presidential candidates over its brief history (Goldwater, Reagan, and Paul) but the lame-duck Democrat-lite Presidential candidates and President elects have far out weighed the real conservatives in this category… and don’t even get me started on the hordes of Democrat-lite RINO’s that are currently in Congress or have been in Congress over the past 150 years. After all I’m trying to keep this a short Tuesday morning post. Read the rest of this entry

Federal Empire is Creating a Ammo Shortage…

312396_200758683395904_1137596419_nSince it would be impossible to create a gun shortage, or a military equipment shortage… it would be too costly even for the massive Federal Empire, which is the largest and most corrupt Empire in world history to do. So instead they are creating an ammo shortage by ordering out every single caliber of ammo they can get their hands upon. This in essence is a way to counter the ability of the American public to fully arm themselves in relation to the record breaking amount of guns they are purchasing. Since Obama was elected back in 2008 there has been a 500% increase in gun sales across the country, to the point that now one out of every two Americans now owns two firearms at least, and one out of every three Americans owns either an AR15 or AK47.

To date the Federal Empire, namely the branches of the IRS, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, the CIA, the ATF, and the non-combat portion of the U.S. Department of Defense has ordered nearly 900 million rounds of small arms ammo that (A) is not standard issue for the Fed’s, and (B) the Fed’s do not buy pre-made ammo that you and I would buy… they have their own manufacturing divisions that actually purchases the raw materials for loading ammo, and assembles the ammo themselves. In other words the Federal Empire, unlike your local State or County Government does not buy ammo from Wal-Mart or other conventional sources, and instead makes their own custom made ammo.

Given this fact, and the fact that the Federal Empire already has billions of rounds of ammo on hand in surplus, there should be no reason why they are now ordering millions upon millions of extra rounds of ammo from conventional sources that you and I use. In  essence the orders that the Federal Empire has placed are now backing up existing civilian “back-ordered” ammo orders up for nearly 11 months to 17 months in most cases on most types of ammo.

This is effectively making all of the new record breaking gun, high capacity magazine, and military equipment purchases mute… what good is a stockpile of guns, if you only have one or two boxes of ammo at most. If a Third American Revolution breaks out like many suspect is now imminent, pending a gun ba Read the rest of this entry

Obama wants military leaders who will fire on U.S. citizens

obama-as-hitlerOn Monday, Dr. Jim Garrow, a renowned author and humanitarian who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, sparked a firestorm of controversy when he wrote on Facebook that President Obama wants military leaders who will fire on U.S. citizens. In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Garrow said the man who told him this is a military hero who is known by everybody in the country.

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new ‘litmus test‘ in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks,” he wrote. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not,” the unnamed military officer reportedly said. Dr. Garrow also wrote that those who do not meet this litmus test are being removed.

On Tuesday, Dr. Garrow said that officers who know about this cannot come forward without endangering themselves and facing possible retaliation from the administration. According to Dr. Garrow, the officer who made the allegation learned about the litmus test from the person who got him interested in military service. That person, Dr. Garrow added, was forced out for failing to meet the criteria.

Dr. Garrow said he promised to keep the officer’s name from the public, adding that he stands behind what he was told regardless of the consequences. “I would stake my full reputation on this gentleman,” he said. “If people want to throw things at me, fine,” he added, calling it “an honor” to come under fire for keeping his promise to the officer. Dr. Garrow told Examiner that there are people in the administration who are paid to “attack those who raise doubts”
about anyone who criticizes the Obama administration.  These people include members of the new “State” media complex which includes CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and every other Liberal mouth piece for the Obama regime, Washington based Democratic staffers, Democratic Senators, ultra-liberal Hollywood celebrities, high ranking members of the Education community, and members of the military. The web of the Marxists within the Federal Empire is very deep and intricate.  Read the rest of this entry

Response to Bob Haa…

not-listening-chimpWell during yesterdays morning show Bob Haa, the host of Hernando County’s WWJB 1450AM morning show, slammed this here blog and actually had the gall to call us a “Liberal Publication” given our “hatred of the Republican Party“. What sparked this attack was our previous two articles about how the so-called Hernando Gun Rally was not really a gun rally, and was instead a pro-Republican Rally; and how a Gun Rally guest was attacked by the organizer of the event (i.e. the Hernando County TEA Party did not organize the Hernando “Gun Rally”) live on camera.

While we here at the Heckler, and there are more then just one of us, looooovvvveeee “Haa Wire” and listen every morning, we are not going to stand by and get attacked by pointing out the truth about the corrupt Republican Party, and the truth about the gun rally which was really a Republican rally in disguise.

For the record our staff is a mix of Libertarian and Constitution Party members and officers… NONE of us are liberals.

Bob claimed that he spent time on our blog reading stories, which we seriously doubt. If Bob had actually spent any time on our blog then he would had easily read that we hate the Democrats even more so then the Republicans. We hate the Republicans because they are two faced phonies that like to claim to be conservatives, but are really nothing more then a bunch of Liberal-Lite phonies.

The only two truly conservative political parties in America today are the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party… while many consider the GOP to be conservative because of its platform, which has many conservative planks, we do not consider it to be really a conservative Party based on their actions. After all actions speak louder then words and the Republicans are all talk and no action. When the Republicans actually do something its often crafting liberal bills or passing big government legislation (i.e. light bulb ban, septic tank bill, etc.). Read the rest of this entry

27th Amendment gets publicity in budget battle

One of the least known constitutional amendments is getting a lot of publicity as a wild card in the ongoing budget battle in Washington.

27th AmendmentThe 27th Amendment is the most recent amendment, and there are many people who probably don’t remember what it stands for: congressional pay raises.

“No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened,” the amendment reads, as approved in 1992.

In short, the amendment states that a sitting Congress can’t change its pay while it is in session.

It’s not a new idea. The amendment was proposed back in 1789 by Founding Father James Madison along with other amendments that became the Bill of Rights, but it took 203 years for it to become the law of the land. In 1982, a college undergraduate student, Gregory Watson, discovered that the proposed amendment could still be ratified and started a grassroots campaign.

In 1992, Alabama became the 38th state to sign off on the 27th Amendment, making it a law. Read the rest of this entry

Satanic Stars on the Republican Logo?

republican-logoThis is not so much a story, but instead a request to my readership to help me find out information about why the GOP’s logo has three satanic stars (inverted stars) on its logo (see logo to the left). Also why only three stars and why not 1, 2, 4, 5, etc? For those of you that don’t know occultism like I do, the number three in Christian religious dogma stands for the holy trinity, and since the number three is a very holy sequence in Christian terms, the satanists love to mock it.

Hence the number 6, and the combination 666, which according to the Holy Bible is the mark of the beast, or the sign of the Devil. Satan and his followers despise all things holy and sacred, which is why they came up with the 666 deal to contradict the number three.

So stay with me here because I doubt many of you understand the occult… since the inverted star is the sign of the devil devil-symboland is no different then the number 6, or 666. Essentially 6 stands for imperfection, and if you tack on two extra sixes then multiplies the imperfection while at the same time mocks the holy trinity. Got it? If not then re-read the first three paragraphs and stay with me. Now that you have it let me make my point… the inverted star is the sign of the devil or goat, and essentially stands for the number 6, and three sixes (i.e 666) is meant to mock the holy trinity and with it Christ… So why in the hell does the Republican logo have three satanic stars on its logo again?

Now I know some of you “Republicrats” out there are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at this so far. If this describes you then please consider laying off the RINO kool-aid a bit.  I’m making a serious point and I’m asking a serious question here. If the Republican logo had a Rebel Flag on it, or a crossed star pattern then people would be needlessly outraged about this… but since it only has a satanic symbol its okay. Read the rest of this entry

It was so cold this morning in Hernando County…


Why Many Voted Democrat…


Don’t Trust Federalized Sheriffs or Politicans

Untitled-1Since Obama and the crooks in Washington began rattling their “gun ban” sabres there have been wave after wave of Sheriff’s, local government bodies, and State legislatures passing resolutions making it a felony for Federal officials to enforce or seize firearms that are currently legal.

Unfortunately for us Crackers living not just in Hernando County, but throughout Florida, our Sheriff’s, local government bodies, and State legislature has remained very quite on any type of nullification against the pending Federal Assault Weapons Ban or attempted mass gun grab. In fact when asked about what they would do, our local Hernando County Sheriff and local County Commission has retorted with a “no comment” or has out right dodged/ignored the question.

In fact we have been trying to get Sheriff Al Neinhaus on record as saying that he will not seize guns since he was re-elected to office late last year.

Why is Neinhaus and your local Hernando County Commission silent on the issue of standing up for your 2nd Amendment rights which are not only guaranteed on the Federal level, but are also guaranteed on the State level with the Florida Constitution? Well its because they are all whores bending over the Federal Governments bed so they can paid for their obedient services, no matter how illegal and morally/ethically corrupt those services might be. Read the rest of this entry