Yankee Mayor Says that the White House “Guaranteed” him a full Gun Ban by February 1, 2013

proof-barack-hussein-obama-is-a-marxist-in-his-own-words-41-1Last week Vice President Joe Biden “guaranteed” that President Barack Obama will pass sweeping gun control legislation via Executive Order by the end of January, according to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. The Yankee Mayor did not go into the details of the ban but stated that it would be a full “Gun Ban”. In the event you live under a rock, Yankees are anti-gun nut jobs that believe in big Imperial government and see private gun ownership as a threat to the power of said big Imperial government.

“He said, ‘Tommy, I guarantee you, we’ll get it done by the end of January,’” Menino reportedly said at City Hall on Thursday. “They’re going to get it done.”

Menino, a leading gun control advocate, has been recovering from a myriad of health issues over the last two months, but said Biden has called him a number of times while he was in the hospital. One of the calls came after the Newtown, Conn. school shooting and concerned gun control, the Boston Herald reports.

“I understand the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. But I don’t understand how young kids should be able to get guns,” Menino said, adding that Obama has “no excuse not to pass strong legislation.”

The mayor also said the president no longer has to worry about upsetting pro-gun voters or the National Rifle Association because he is in his second term. In other words, he is more “flexible.”

“Menino and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg co-chair the 500-mayor-strong Mayors Against Illegal Guns and have called for national gun bans in the wake of last month’s Sandy Hook school killings,” the Herald report adds.

Go out and get your guns now… and also remember to get plenty of ammo, reloading supplies, and military gear because there will be a civil war.


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  1. Is it a coincidence that all of these threats to Liberty come from Yankeedom? Jefferson Davis said that Yankees, left to their own devices, cannot maintain the institutions of Liberty.

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