Hernando Gun Rally = Secret Pro-Republican Fest

rino_logo_sqThe planned Saturday – January 19, 2013 “Hernando Gun Rally” at the Hernando County Fair Grounds is nothing more then a secret Pro-Republican propaganda fest in disguise. The Hernando Gun Rally is part of the national “Guns Across America” rally which has been organized by a number of Republican Political Action Committees (PAC’s). This event is not organized in any way by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), TEA Party Patriots, Campaign for Liberty, Oath Keepers, or any other Pro-2nd Amendment organization.

The Hernando Gun Rally is organized by the local Hernando County Republican Club, and according to local gossip the Hernando County Republican Club is secretly run and managed by the Hernando County Builders Association. Look no further then the Chair of the Hernando County GOP which is a well known local carpet baggar contractor and leader of the HCBA.  Back to the rally, all of the local speakers for this weekends gun rally are Republican politicians or candidates, and failed or RINO ones at that.

The lead local speaker will be Florida House Rep. Robert Shank (we misspelled his name wrong on purpose), some Florida Senate guy from Citrus County, and a telephone conference call from Mr. Pro-Illegal Immigration himself Marco “The Angry Burrito” Rubio.

When this rally was announced earlier this month, a number of Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, and Ron Paul supporters petitioned to be speakers at this event and were turned down without any consideration by the local event planners running the event. These event planners are high ranking members of the local Hernando County Republican Club. Hence why only Republicans will be speaking at this so-called “gun rally”… to me its more of a “Republican Rally” then anything.

If you are one of our readers or fancy yourself a proud-Southerner or Native Cracker (i.e. Native Floridian) then please avoid this charade and instead consider supporting your native local people by attending the Brooksville Raid. The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be down at the Raid as well as 200 Confederate reenactors. Your fellow Southerners and Crackers are more worthy of your time and money then a bunch of anti-southern / anti-Cracker Republican shleps, most of which are dirty carpet baggars from the New England area. You can go, but be warned that this is not so much a pro-gun rally, but is instead a pro-Republican / pro-Marco Rubio – 2016 Presidential Campaign rally.

The Republicans are not your friends, and while they might tell you what you want to hear to your face, they will stab you in the back when you elect them.


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Proud native Floridian.

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  1. I was attacked at the rally please contact me youtube.com/whitehouse1600dc , I am pro gun

  2. You sir (and I use the term loosely) are an idiot (a term I use most succintly.)

    Who cares who organized the event? Did you expect the Diane Feinstein Fan Club to do it? What happened today was ordinary patriotic Americans standing up and making their voices heard. It was 1000 people who banded together with two weeks notice, to remind us that leftists like you, bent of destroying the Constitution, must be opposed, now.

    To those who spoke today – from politicians, to media personalities, to pastors of local churches, Oath Keepers, and members of the armed forces who have served our country with honor – I’ll repeat here what I said on the sign I proudly carried today.


    • Joe, you sound like one of the damned fool Yankees I lament about day in and day out. Yankee or not you are obviously a fool if you think I or this blog is liberal.

      Maybe before you go shooting off your mouth you should actually READ up on something.

      Also if you read my article that you have commented upon then you should note that this event was run by the Republicans, for the Republicans, and by the Republicans as a faux gun rally. EVERY speaker at this event, and other events across Dixie and the Federal Empire was 100% Republican.

      Libertarians, Constitution Party, NRA, and Gun Owners of America speakers were told no thank you.

      Lastly thank you for making my point even clearer in that your entire rant is about how “dare I” be upset that the Republicans are using a 2nd amendment fight to get support for their crooked party. You are obviously more concerned about the corrupt GOP then about the 2nd Amendment.

      Good job for helping me prove my point.

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