Don’t Trust Federalized Sheriffs or Politicans

Untitled-1Since Obama and the crooks in Washington began rattling their “gun ban” sabres there have been wave after wave of Sheriff’s, local government bodies, and State legislatures passing resolutions making it a felony for Federal officials to enforce or seize firearms that are currently legal.

Unfortunately for us Crackers living not just in Hernando County, but throughout Florida, our Sheriff’s, local government bodies, and State legislature has remained very quite on any type of nullification against the pending Federal Assault Weapons Ban or attempted mass gun grab. In fact when asked about what they would do, our local Hernando County Sheriff and local County Commission has retorted with a “no comment” or has out right dodged/ignored the question.

In fact we have been trying to get Sheriff Al Neinhaus on record as saying that he will not seize guns since he was re-elected to office late last year.

Why is Neinhaus and your local Hernando County Commission silent on the issue of standing up for your 2nd Amendment rights which are not only guaranteed on the Federal level, but are also guaranteed on the State level with the Florida Constitution? Well its because they are all whores bending over the Federal Governments bed so they can paid for their obedient services, no matter how illegal and morally/ethically corrupt those services might be.

According to our figures, about 38.1% of the total Hernando County budget (both county commission and school board) is paid for with ill gotten Federal loot. Ironically the Hernando County budget is also about 40% to large given our small , largely rural population. If you look at Hernando County’s economy as a whole, and add in the County governments total budget, and the amount of Federal welfare programs that  the retired Yankee’s live off of then our overall economy consists of about 63.6% Federal money!!!

This madness has to stop! While we can’t do much about Social Security at the local level, we can surely stop advertising in New York newspapers that all Yankee retirees should move to Hernando County. The business development plan of turning Hernando County into one big gated retirement community has obviously failed and its time to take this dead horse out back and bury it.

In regards to local government, we can only stop this flow of Federal bribe money by properly educating the electorate that voting for the best candidate out of the two party system is a recipe for failure. If we hope to free ourselves from the cycle of bad local government then we need to become financially self-dependent and the only way that will EVER occur is if we elect Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates to office.

Going back to the topic of this article, which is the Sheriff, and his lack of support for the second amendment,  there is very little we can do about this. We can only pray that the Oath Keepers are successful in signing-up as many Hernando County Deputies as possible, and then its up to them if they choose to defend the constitution or obey an un-constitutional gun grab order when it happens.

We hope that next time around when the Sheriff is up for re-election that another pro-10th amendment candidate will emerge. We can’t blame the voters for voting for Neinhaus back in November since it was between him and a Democrat which would have likely already started rounding up guns once elected.

We also hope that the voters in this area… especially the native Crackers, begin to understand that when a local government body, or politician chooses to fly a Federal flag, or put a Federal flag on a squad car, government seal, or government uniform that they are essentially stomping all over your Constitutional 10th Amendment rights as a free citizen of a sovereign State. Last time I checked, Hernando County was not a Federal government body or was part of some Federal State, and as such should not be flying the Federal flag above any of its government offices. The only flag that should fly above a Hernando County government building, should be shown on a Hernando County Sheriff uniform or squad car should be the flag of the State of Florida.

Its embarrassing and disheartening as a Constitutionalist to see so many people claim to be ardent defenders of the Constitution, but fail to stand up for the most important amendment in the Constitution which is the 10th Amendment.

The founders feared one day that the people would become too loyal to the Federal branch, and abandon their own States, and it appears that their fears have come true.

  1. Floridian First
  2. American Second
  3. 10th Amendment Forever!

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