RINO Attack at 2013 Hernando “Gun Rally”

rino_logo_sqWe received the below video from a reader who was accosted by a person who described themselves (in the video) to be a one Debra Howard and the organizer of the Hernando County 2nd-Amendment Gun Rally, which was nothing more then a pro-Republican rally in disguise. The reader which is featured in the video was confronted by Ms. Howard and told to take down his sign and that, and I quote… “we are hear to put the face of the gun owner as the good guy“… obviously a gun owner carrying a sign that reads “Obama kills kids and my rifles do not” makes him a bad guy, and makes anybody that shares this opinion just as evil.

To date we have also received twelve other e-mails from other readers and pro-2nd amendment supporters who were asked to leave or were equally abused at this weekends faux Hernando Gun Rally. The 12 other readers were asked to leave because they dared to wear a Ron Paul t-shirt and refused to take it off or turn it inside out, because they were official State officers of the Libertarian Party of Florida or Constitution Party of Florida, because they had anti-Obama signs, or because they brought a Confederate flag, a Bonnie Blue flag, or a Florida flag.

A good friend of our blog who is trying to start a local Constitution Party Chapter in Hernando County, to give the voters an alternative to the corrupt “progressive” leanings of the local Republican Club of Hernando, was not only asked to leave but was shouted at by two Republicans who refused to identify themselves and threatened to call the police if he did not leave, because “his kind” was not welcome at this rally. Apparently those that dislike Obama, might support Ron Paul, don’t belong to the GOP, or follow the Constitution are not welcome at the Hernando County Republican love festapoolza.

The reason why Ms. Howard and the other “Gun Rally” people were so upset about the “unwashed” Libertarian and Constitution Party masses who chose to show up at the so-called gun rally, was because it was not a gun rally at all. It was a cleverly disguised Republican Party and Marco Rubio 2016 Presidential rally in disguise.  As such they were not interested in having any signs that could have possibly made Rubio or the GOP look bad, or have any non-Republicans in attendance to steal away potential voters, especially party leaders for the Libertarian or Constitution Party’s.

Well its not like we did not warn you all… y’all should had skipped this Republican rally and just gone over to the Brooksville Raid and met up with us at the SCV tent and had a large old fashioned sarsaparilla and a smile. This year the Confederates (i.e. the Good Guys) beat the Yankees twice in a row for once. It was very nice to see the Yankee tourists and the un-assimilated Yankees living in our area leave the raid dejected.

Perhaps once the Hernando County Constitution Party Chapter is up and running then maybe we can have a REAL gun rally…


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  1. Lee Roy Jenkins

    Update to Bob Haa’s Report this morning: This is the entire video we received and the story we wrote around this video is 100% based on the complaints of the person that was accosted in the video, and 12 other people who were given grief over it.

    Also this event was not run by the Hernando County Tea Party, it was run by “Guns Across America” which is a GOP funded political action committee that is cleverly disguised as a gun group. This is very much like the “TEA Party Express” which was operated by Sara Palin from 2009-2011 and was another GOP funded political action committee. We essentially followed the money when writing this story, listened to credible complaints from those that attended the event, and focused on who the guest speakers were and were not.

    We do our best to report the god’s honest news and in this case we based our sources on fact based videos and reports.

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