Satanic Stars on the Republican Logo?

republican-logoThis is not so much a story, but instead a request to my readership to help me find out information about why the GOP’s logo has three satanic stars (inverted stars) on its logo (see logo to the left). Also why only three stars and why not 1, 2, 4, 5, etc? For those of you that don’t know occultism like I do, the number three in Christian religious dogma stands for the holy trinity, and since the number three is a very holy sequence in Christian terms, the satanists love to mock it.

Hence the number 6, and the combination 666, which according to the Holy Bible is the mark of the beast, or the sign of the Devil. Satan and his followers despise all things holy and sacred, which is why they came up with the 666 deal to contradict the number three.

So stay with me here because I doubt many of you understand the occult… since the inverted star is the sign of the devil devil-symboland is no different then the number 6, or 666. Essentially 6 stands for imperfection, and if you tack on two extra sixes then multiplies the imperfection while at the same time mocks the holy trinity. Got it? If not then re-read the first three paragraphs and stay with me. Now that you have it let me make my point… the inverted star is the sign of the devil or goat, and essentially stands for the number 6, and three sixes (i.e 666) is meant to mock the holy trinity and with it Christ… So why in the hell does the Republican logo have three satanic stars on its logo again?

Now I know some of you “Republicrats” out there are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at this so far. If this describes you then please consider laying off the RINO kool-aid a bit.  I’m making a serious point and I’m asking a serious question here. If the Republican logo had a Rebel Flag on it, or a crossed star pattern then people would be needlessly outraged about this… but since it only has a satanic symbol its okay.

Why did they do this and how did those stars get inverted… as I understand the Republican logo’s stars were not always inverted.

Now here is some religious information for those of you out there that have NEVER taken a bible study class in life…

The number Six. This number at times represents imperfection. The number of “the wild beast” is 666 and is called “a man’s number,” indicating that it has to do with imperfect, fallen man, and it seems to symbolize the imperfection of that which is represented by “the wild beast.” The number six being emphasized to a third degree (the six appearing in the position of units, tens, and hundreds) therefore highlights the imperfection and deficiency of that which the beast represents, or pictures.—Re 13:18.

The number Seven. Seven is used frequently in the Scriptures to signify completeness. At times it has reference to bringing a work toward completion. Or it can refer to the complete cycle of things as established or allowed by God. By completing his work toward the earth in six creative days and resting on the seventh day, Jehovah set the pattern for the whole Sabbath arrangement, from the seven-day week to the Jubilee year that followed the seven-times-seven–year cycle. (Ex 20:10; Le 25:2, 6, 8) The Festival of Unleavened Bread and the Festival of Booths were each seven days long. (Ex 34:18; Le 23:34) Seven appears often in connection with the Levitical rules for offerings (Le 4:6; 16:14, 19; Nu 28:11) and for cleansings.—Le 14:7, 8, 16, 27, 51; 2Ki 5:10. The “seven congregations” of Revelation, with their characteristics, give a complete picture of all the congregations of God on earth.—Re 1:20–3:22.

The “seven heads” of the “wild beast” (Re 13:1) show the limit to which the beast would be allowed to develop. Although the “scarlet-colored wild beast” is called “an eighth” king, it springs from the seven and does not exist apart from the seven-headed wild beast (Re 17:3, 9-11), as is true also of the “image” of “the wild beast.” (Re 13:14) Similarly, the two-horned “wild beast” is actually coexistent with the original “wild beast” whose “mark” it tries to put on all persons.—Re 13:11, 16, 17.

Jehovah was long-suffering with Israel but warned them that if, despite his discipline, they ignored him, he would then chastise them “seven times,” thoroughly, for their sins.—Le 26:18, 21, 28.

In historical sections of the Scriptures, seven frequently occurs to denote completeness, or doing a work completely. The Israelites exercised full faith and obedience by marching for seven days around Jericho, encompassing it seven times on the seventh day, after which the city wall collapsed. (Jos 6:2-4, 15) Elijah showed full faith in the efficacy of his prayer to God by commanding his servant up on Mount Carmel to go looking at the sky seven times before a rain cloud appeared. (1Ki 18:42-44) Naaman the leper had to bathe seven times in the Jordan River. He, as a mighty Syrian general, had to display considerable humility to carry out this procedure recommended by the prophet Elisha, but for his obediently doing it, Jehovah cleansed him. (2Ki 5:10, 12) The purity, completeness, perfection, and fineness of Jehovah’s sayings are likened with poetic force and intensity to silver refined in a smelting furnace, clarified seven times. (Ps 12:6) Jehovah’s mercy is magnified by the statement: “The righteous one may fall even seven times, and he will certainly get up.” (Pr 24:16) His deserving all praise is declared by the psalmist: “Seven times in the day I have praised you.”—Ps 119:164.

The book of Revelation abounds with symbolic use of the number seven in connection with the things of God and his congregation, and also the things of God’s Adversary, Satan the Devil, in his all-out fight to oppose God and his people.—Re 1:4, 12, 16; 5:1, 6; 8:2; 10:3; 12:3; 13:1; 15:1, 7; 17:3, 10; and other texts.

Multiples of seven are used in a similar sense of completeness. Seventy (ten times seven) is employed prophetically in the “seventy weeks” of Daniel’s prophecy dealing with Messiah’s coming. (Da 9:24-27; see SEVENTY WEEKS.) Jerusalem and Judah lay desolate 70 years, because of disobedience to God, “until the land had paid off [completely] its sabbaths.”—2Ch 36:21; Jer 25:11; 29:10; Da 9:2; Zec 1:12; 7:5.

Seventy-seven, a repetition of seven in a number, was equivalent to saying “indefinitely” or “without limit.” Jesus counsels Christians to forgive their brothers to that extent. (Mt 18:21, 22) Since God had ruled that anyone killing Cain, the murderer, must “suffer vengeance seven times,” Lamech, who apparently killed a man in self-defense, said: “If seven times Cain is to be avenged, then Lamech seventy times and seven.”—Ge 4:15, 23, 24.

The Holiest Number Combinations According to the Holy Christian Bible = One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven, Eight, Ten, Twelve and Forty.



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  1. Atheism can save you! It’s all a load of crap if you don’t believe in god then Beelzebub can’t exist.Religion of any kind be it Christian or satanism is a complete waste of human energy.Religion has held back human evolvement.Just imagine if all this wasted human energy spent on praying to false gods over the centuries was spent on moving mankind forward.How more advanced and better off would mankind be? Believe in nothing more than what your eyes see!

    • Atheism’s core belief, as it is described on the American Atheists site a “worshiping you, yourself, and nothing else”, this is in essence satanism whether Atheists like to believe it or not. The Church of Satan has the exact same core philosophy –

      Now you may or may not associate with the main body of Atheists in Uh-Merica, but that is what the majority of your brethren believe.

      You are free to your opinion, but remember that there are no Atheists in fox holes or on death beds. Every Atheist turns to one religion or another when the death knoll rings for them. In any event just be glad that you are not in an Islamic Country, the secret police would have hunted you down by now and cut off your head.

      As for me, I will pray for you. You see the South is a Christian Nation, even if the rest of Uh-Merica is a Hodge podge of Romanesque siners, and pagans.

      Your anti-Christian mumbo jumbo ain’t gonna go to far down here.

  2. So you wanted to know when or how this switch in their logo came about? It happened in 2000 when Bush got elected. If you know about him then you know he was a bonesman, part of one of the most satanic secret societies. The enemy is bold and hiding in plain sight. This is also proof of the satanic nature of the braindead churches who follow these satanic leaders. The religious hypocrites do not know the bible as they pretend to because the bible gives us countless warnings to the nature of his deceptions such as coming as an angel of light, many false christs arising in the last days. Jesus warned that even the elect might be deceived. Paul warned that the antichrist won’t be revealed until the Great Apostasy. If these hypocrites can overlook satanic pentagrams then such are ripe to take the mark of the beast without thought. The bible also condemns those who have no love of the truth and it is amazing that these religious pretenders are the biggest haters of truth. To me, this is the unpardonable sin, to say that you represent the Holy Spirit which the bible says is the spirit of truth all the while believing and promoting lies. There are those I know who I have pointed out so many truths, and yet they refuse. Even when you talk about the sabbath, they refuse that even though it is right there in the fourth commandment. They deliberately violate the commands of God, and yet they expect to be a part of his kingdom. All throughout the new testament both Jesus and Paul stressed about keeping his commands. These hypocrites profess the ten commandments and yet are the biggest violaters of them. As Jesus said that hypocrites will be judged by their own standards. But when you look into the truth of 9/11 you will get the idea of just how evil Bush is. There are many books and dvds exposing him. These hypocrites prove such idolatry to follow all kinds of wicked men. This is nothing new. 95% of the churches in Germany supported Hitler. Hitler used scripture just like our modern politicians do.

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