Federal Empire is Creating a Ammo Shortage…

312396_200758683395904_1137596419_nSince it would be impossible to create a gun shortage, or a military equipment shortage… it would be too costly even for the massive Federal Empire, which is the largest and most corrupt Empire in world history to do. So instead they are creating an ammo shortage by ordering out every single caliber of ammo they can get their hands upon. This in essence is a way to counter the ability of the American public to fully arm themselves in relation to the record breaking amount of guns they are purchasing. Since Obama was elected back in 2008 there has been a 500% increase in gun sales across the country, to the point that now one out of every two Americans now owns two firearms at least, and one out of every three Americans owns either an AR15 or AK47.

To date the Federal Empire, namely the branches of the IRS, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, the CIA, the ATF, and the non-combat portion of the U.S. Department of Defense has ordered nearly 900 million rounds of small arms ammo that (A) is not standard issue for the Fed’s, and (B) the Fed’s do not buy pre-made ammo that you and I would buy… they have their own manufacturing divisions that actually purchases the raw materials for loading ammo, and assembles the ammo themselves. In other words the Federal Empire, unlike your local State or County Government does not buy ammo from Wal-Mart or other conventional sources, and instead makes their own custom made ammo.

Given this fact, and the fact that the Federal Empire already has billions of rounds of ammo on hand in surplus, there should be no reason why they are now ordering millions upon millions of extra rounds of ammo from conventional sources that you and I use. In  essence the orders that the Federal Empire has placed are now backing up existing civilian “back-ordered” ammo orders up for nearly 11 months to 17 months in most cases on most types of ammo.

This is effectively making all of the new record breaking gun, high capacity magazine, and military equipment purchases mute… what good is a stockpile of guns, if you only have one or two boxes of ammo at most. If a Third American Revolution breaks out like many suspect is now imminent, pending a gun ban, then the “Rebels” (i.e. you and I) will be hurting right out of the gate as we are stuck trying to  ration ammo against overwhelming odds, and overwhelming firepower.





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Proud native Floridian.

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