Response to Bob Haa (Part Duex)

angry-letter4-300x292During Monday mornings “Haa Wire” show on WWJB, a caller brought up our spot on response to Bob Haa’s first round of attacks against this here blog. Needless to say we nailed it in our original retort because Bob Haa chose to not bring up the talking points he did in his earlier attack against this blog. Instead he chose to make the accusation that the Heckler, and its staff are a bunch of ultra-Liberal Democrat plants, who are hell bent on bringing down the righteous Republican Party.

If you are a regular Heckler reader then you know that this is just a bunch of dishonest mud slinging… if you are not a regular Heckler reader then we would like to invite you to read our blog and make your mind up for yourself. Upon reading the Heckler you will soon discover that it is true that we HATE the Republican Party, but you will find it even more true that we hate the Democrats, Liberalism, and Marxism even more.

Hopefully you will not be as short sighted as Bob Haa in assuming that if one hates the Republican Party, then they must be a liberal. We also hope that you will not be as narrow minded as Bob Haa in assuming that the Republican Party is still a conservative party, or was ever a conservative party. Sure the GOP has had a handful (about 3) hard-core conservative Presidential candidates over its brief history (Goldwater, Reagan, and Paul) but the lame-duck Democrat-lite Presidential candidates and President elects have far out weighed the real conservatives in this category… and don’t even get me started on the hordes of Democrat-lite RINO’s that are currently in Congress or have been in Congress over the past 150 years. After all I’m trying to keep this a short Tuesday morning post.

The Republican Party was birthed by the evil and tyrannical Abe Lincoln who wagged an illegal and bloody war against a foreign nation in which 2/3 of the population of “America” both north and south were slaughtered. Why was the war illegal? Well when the U.S. Supreme Court intervened and ordered the President Lincoln to suspend his illegal actions he ordered the military to jail the justices and place them on house arrest. In their place Lincoln appointed a military tribunal in their place which rubber stamped every illegal action he did over the four year engagement. When Lincoln did this, and virtually seized control over the other two Federal branches of government, and seized control over the remaining Union States he became the first Emperor of the new Federal Empire.

Here is a brief and 100% accurate list of some of the illegal actions that Lincoln authorized while he was the Emperor in Chief:

  • Shut down news papers that did not agree with him, and jailed the staff of those papers.
  • Jailed and deported Congressmen who challenged him or his actions.
  • Called up the army and declared war without a approval from Congress.
  • Suspended habeous corpus which is something only Congress has the authority to do.
  • Suspended the Bill of Rights which is also something Congress only has the power to do.
  • Illegally jailed the entire Maryland Government without a warrant or writ.
  • Authorized the actions of his generals (Sherman, Butler, and many others) who allowed their men to rape Southern women, kill any Southern male of fighting age who was considered a possible combatant… fighting age was considered 10 to 100, bombing of civilian cities/population centers, burning of entire Southern cities,  and the theft of private property. Up until this point in time no other Army in the history of the civilized Western world had done anything like this. It is a fact that Hitler ordered that his generals study the tactics used by Lincoln’s generals when they were developing tactics for taking over Europe.
  • Lincoln sent a US Navy resupply flotilla down to Fort Sumter. This flotilla was led by the USS Western Star and its soul mission was to instigate the “trigger happy” Rebels into firing the first shot by tricking them into thinking that the US Navy was invading Charleston harbor.
  • Lincoln did not free the slaves with the emancipation proclamation, instead he decreed that all slaves owned by the Confederate States (which was a free nation) were freed. That is like Obama issuing a decree that all people in Canada have the right to bear arms, or all people in France should have the right to walk around naked. The only reason why Lincoln issued the emancipation was to keep France and England from entering the war on the side of the Confederacy which was a tactic that worked. The only issue with this tactic is that Lincoln exploited this lie to divide the South after the war had ended among racial lines, and the emancipation proclamation lie is the reason why school kids have been taught that the South was evil because it fought for slavery, which was not the case. The Confederate States abolished slavery on their own in March of 1865, which is about 8 months before the end of the ground war, and about a year before the last Confederate naval frigate surrendered in 1866. So for generations whites in the South were told by the government school system that their ancestors were evil, and that the freedom of blacks is why Dixie was not a free nation… likewise blacks were taught that all whites that support the 10th Amendment, States Rights, or a Free Dixie were racist evil bigots that support slavery. Thus Lincoln’s little lie snowballed into the re-formation of the KKK by a retired Yankee in the 1920’s and decades of white on black violence up until the 1970’s when the KKK was gutted by a number of law suits… likewise Lincoln’s little lie is the basis for today’s rash of black on white violence in the South and throughout the Empire.

I could go on for much longer but I think I have made my point that Lincoln was not a man to be admired, respected, or revered… he was a blood thirsty tyrant that violated his authority as the President, and showed that he was a man void of ethics, morals, or even the slightest hint of knowing what was right and what was wrong. So tell me exactly why a political party that reveres Lincoln as some kind of deity should be trusted with any power?

Lincoln aside lets look at what the Republicans have done with power when they have held it… under George W. Bush the Republican Congress brought about the largest expansion of the authority of the Federal Empire since the War, heck these RINO’s banned regular light bulbs, mandated that vehicles should be more green, authorized the use of warrant-less wire tapping, gave the military the authority to use rendition against American citizens, signed into law the Patriot Act, defended Affirmative Action and upheld it, nearly passed amnesty for billions of Mexicans, and allowed the handful of Democrats still in Congress to gut the housing market which lead to the economic collapse of 2008. I’m not saying that the Democrats are any better… but they don’t claim to be “true conservatives”.

Hell under Bush the Republicans could have easily outlawed Abortion, or at least mandated that its a States Rights issue and as such should be decided by the States. They could had also outlawed anchor babies, upheld the 2nd Amendment by defining what it meant, and could have passed a balanced budget Amendment. THEY HELD A SUPER MAJORITY UNDER THE FIRST SIX YEARS OF BUSH! They could have easily outlawed Abortion by way of States Rights, and outlawed Anchor babies by repealing the 14th Amendment, and they could have strengthened the 2nd Amendment and passed a balanced budget amendment with little to no debate.

Obviously based on their actions this was not something they really wanted to do and these “Cornerstone Conservative Planks” are just another bunch of “Lincoln Lie’s” used to whip up their real conservative base into a hot foamy lather so they can regain power, however once in power they drop these “Cornerstone Conservative Planks” and begin picking up moderate Democrat Party planks.

Throughout history the Republicans have loved to rail against Democrat programs so they can re-gain power. Back in the early 1900’s the people were outraged about the new Income Tax, and the IRS so they voted out the Democrats and voted in Republicans who pledged to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments and bring an end to the new tax system. Well 100 years later the 16th and 17th amendments are still around.

Today’s power grab item is Obamacare and Oil.

Obamacare is something that the GOP has used to regain a lot of lost power, and while they claim that they will abolish it when they get back into power, they have gone on record lately in praising Obamacare “as a perfect system that just needs to be polished up a bit”. The GOP also leaves out the FACT that they will need a super majority in order to repeal Obamacare… de-funding Obamacare, which has become the battle cry of the Republicans as of late, does nothing but leave the mandates in place (i.e. we still have to pay into Obamacare) while the RINO’s get to take our money and put it towards whatever pork barrel project they chose to fund in place of Obamacare.

Regarding Oil, as we have stated earlier the reason why oil costs so much is because the Republican held congress in the 1990’s repealed the “Glass Steigal” Act which had kept oil off of the stock markets as a trade-able commodity. Since oil was off the stock market its price was fixed firmly in place by the laws of supply and demand, which is why oil used to be only $0.60 cents a gallon back before the repeal of this act. Sure drilling will increase oil supplies, but it will do nothing to affect its price on the stock market as a whole. The reason why an increase in oil supplies will do nothing to lower the price is because the stock market is a global market, and as such China’s need for oil is factored into the global price. Hence the reason why drilling alone will do nothing to lower the price back to down to $0.80 levels again. Also taxes make up about 40% of the price of every gallon of oil… so between the commodities market and taxes, I don’t see how “drill baby drill” is going to solve the increasing cost of oil and gas within the Empire.

Food for thought… oil and gas prices have caused the price of every good and service to double since 2004. According to Republicans the only way out of this nightmare is to drill, drill, drill… they conveniently leave out the fact that the GOP is heavily funded by donations from the oil & gas industry just like the Democrats are heavily funded by rich old Marxists. The GOP also leaves out the fact that that drilling alone will do nothing to lower the price since (A) oil & gas are now traded on the stock market, and (B) 40% of the price at the pump is made up of gas taxes, most of which have been created by both the Republican and Democrat Party’s.

In closing to this second response, we are not a bunch of Liberal plants… we are a bunch of LIBERTARIANS & CONSTITUTION PARTY members… we believe based on actions alone that ONLY the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party are the ONLY conservative parties what you call “America”.

Also this is a native-Florida Cracker (i.e. Florida Nationalist), Southern Nationalist, and 10th Amendment publication. We believe in the original intent of the founders and ONLY the original intent of the founders. This is the back bone of true conservationism, whereas the backbone of the GOP is Abe Lincoln who did everything he could to destroy the nation created by our founders and their conservative ideals. Without Abe Lincoln America would not be half as corrupt it is today, and the Federal Government would not be an Empire like it is today… also if the South won the war then there would still be a United States of America, but instead of 50 sub-servant vassals it would have 37 independent States, the Confederacy would have 13 independent States, and slavery would have been abolished in both America’s.

If there is a Liberal plant in Hernando County then it is the Republican Party and those like Bob Haa that defends them and their Progressive RINO agenda.

This will be our last retort to Bob Haa on these false claims. We have more important issues to address in this county and in our State. For example some more important issues that we could have addressed today instead of wasting 2 hours responding to false claims…

  • Why Hernando County has professional fire fighters at all, when all we need is volunteer fire fighters.
  • Why doesn’t Hernando County pass a law that makes it a felony for any Federal officers to enforce any new gun laws?
  • Why is Dick Nugent always hanging around with the Hernando Builders Association?
  • How come the Hernando County Republican Club is run by a transplant from New Jersey who does not even live in Hernando County, and instead lives in Tampa?
  • Why name the Hernando County airport after Tampa?
  • Why is there not one single native Cracker on the Hernando County Board?
  • How can voters elect County Commissioners in other County districts?
  • The dangers of amnesty!
  • Why do the Democrats support amnesty?
  • Why do the Republican support amnesty?
  • Black syphilis island
  • POW’s left behind in Nam
  • Stupid Hernando County Ordinances

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