R.I.N.O. GOP & Rubio Support Amnesty

0000000000party_split_big3Right now the Republican Party has a good chance at winning the 2016 Presidential race regardless of which lame duck candidate they end up nominating. Even a Chris Christie ticket could easily trounce a Joe Biden ticket or a Hillary Clinton ticket… hell Mitt Romney could come back, run again, and still manage to beat Joe “the idiot” Biden, or Hillary “Bengazi” Clinton. Joe Biden is a complete idiot on the level of Dan Quayle, and Hillary is now connected with the murder of US Navy Seals and a US Envoy.

The Republican Party has a good shot at winning in 2016, as long as Marco Rubio does not get his way.

The Democrat Party, which is the party of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, Adolph Hitler who was a liberal-fascist, has not changed its ideas since the mid-1940’s when they abandoned the Confederate’s in the Deep South in lue of Marxist Utopia and Socialist Imperial control. Instead of changing their platform, they instead change the voters.

For decades since the Democrats dumped the “Solid South” in favor of the “Red Fist of Communism”, the Democrats have been working feverishly to create more Democrats by encouraging divorce (another Democratic voter!), illegitimacy (another Democratic voter!), preaching to the blacks that they are always the victim and that “Whitey” is still out to get them (another Democratic voter!), and promoting abortion of Americans so that Turd World immigrants from the obedient and foreign Marxist nations of Mexcio and Latin America will one day become the majority (another Democratic voter!).

While this is a fact, what is even more stranger is that the Republican Party now seems determined to help the Democrats out by creating more Democrat’s. If Marco “The Angry Burrito” Rubio’s amnesty plan is passed then he will effectively over night have quadrupled the Democrat Party’s voter base and in doing so will prevent the Republicans from ever taking back the White House or the Senate.

Now while we Libertarians and Constitution Party members HATE the Republican Party and their phony conservative shtick, we understand that the GOP’s version of Progressivism is gradual in that they seek to advance the Progressive agenda over a very long period of time, whereas the Democrats version of Progressivism is chaos in that they seek to make immediate Progressive change regardless of the cost (i.e. the ends justify the means). In our view both the Republicans and the Democrats are Progressive, and Progressive is code for Socialist. The Democrats are Progressive-Marxists which is the far left branch of Progressivism, and the Republicans are Progressive-Conservatives which is the far right branch of Progressivism. In other words, they belief in the some core principles, but differ on how to bring about those core principles… the Republicans want to bring them about over a long period of time and the Democrats want to bring them about today, if not tomorrow.

So with that said its a no brainer for Libertarians and Constitution Party members to support a return to power for the GOP so we can slow down the march of Progressivism (i.e. socialism) and buy our two political parties (i.e. the Libertarians and Constitution Party) more time to figure out a way to bring down these two Progressive groups and take power away from them and give it back to the people by way of the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party.

The Libertarian Party and Constitution Party would give the power back to the people by dismantling the Federal Empire piece by piece, shutting down virtually every single Federal agency, closing the Fed, bringing our troops home from overseas, kicking the UN out of the USA, doing away with most treaties/foreign aid, abolishing the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments, and restoring the rights of the States.

If Rubio gets his way and manages to pass this bill then its game over… the Democrats will have enough mindless and spineless Mexican and Spanish voters to keep them in office and support them as they re-write the Constitution, seize guns, and build their Marxist Utopia.

The reason why Rubio and Republican leadership thinks that granting amnesty to the illegals is a good thing is because he and many other Republicans believe that they need new voters to replace the TEA Party voters which have abandoned the GOP over the past few years in lue of joining Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party, or the Constitution Party as a more conservative and traditional American political choice.

Rubio and the Republican leadership assume that if the Republican Party really goes all out and supports amnesty for illegals, and supports showering these filthy disease ridden criminals with free government hand-outs, then they can hopefully sway a good percentage of the new legalized illegals to the GOP.

The goal of the GOP is to replace the TEA Party and the Ron/Rand Paul bloc of their party, which accounts for about 37% of their total base, with new uneducated, spineless, and obedient criminals who will vote for them without question or dissent.

If you are still a Republican, and you consider yourself a REAL conservative then it is time for you to ask yourself a question. Is the Republican Party still the same Party it was back when Goldwater and Reagan ran it? Given that the GOP is currently announcing its support for amnesty, “Reasonable gun bans”, abortion, and other ultra-liberal planks, we here at the Heckler will say that it is not.

Today’s Republican Party is divided just like the Democrat Party of 1948. Back in 1948 the Democrat Party was run by the Deep South and was a pro-Confederate, pro-Southern Nationalist, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-States Rights political group. Around early 1948 a number of new Democrats in the northeast showed up within the party and began to preach anti-2nd Amendment, anti-States Rights, and pro-Socialist ideas. This created a schism which caused the Democrat Party to split into and brought about the end of the “Solid South” era of Dixie politics.

The schism in the Democrat Party over its political identity continued from 1948 up until the 1970’s when Richard Nixon picked up the Confederate platform of the Democratic Party and incorporated it into the Republican Party. By doing this Nixon created a new “Solid South” which votes 99% of the time in unison for the GOP, and has done so up until this day.

In essence the Democrat Party before 1948 was a ultra-conservative political party, but as the Marxists infiltrated and wore down the Democrat Party it quickly morphed into a ultra-Socialist political party within a few years. The same thing is happening to the Republican Party today. Today the Republican Party is lead by socialist infiltrators that like to call themselves “moderates”. These “moderates” have created a schism in the Republican Party which came to a boiling point last year during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL as the GOP leadership kicked out 1/3 of its membership who were TEA Party members or supported Ron Paul. Likewise the Republican leaders in the U.S. House have already purged its various Republican controlled committees in the House of any elected TEA Party officials.

As the old saying goes… those that fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it… and obviously the conservatives in America failed to learn a lesson from the Marxist take over of the Democrat Party between 1948 and 1970, and as such are now having to endure the Socialist take over of the Republican Party today.


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