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Pelosi – The President has the right to execute Americans in Secret

Nancy_PelosiIn an interview with the Huffington Post, Pelosi was asked whether “the administration should acknowledge when it targets a US citizen in a drone strike.”
“It depends on the situation,” she said. “Maybe it depends on the timing, because that’s right — it’s all about timing, imminence. What is it that could be in jeopardy if people know that happened at this time? I just don’t know.”

That’s right. She doesn’t know. Nor does anybody else because all of it is secret. The Obama administration, like every administration before it, keeps secret that which is legally and morally questionable, while justifying it with practiced tropes about “protecting sources and methods.”

Pelosi is erring on the side of deference. If Obama declares he will strip Americans of the Constitutional rights and that it needs to be secret because divulging such information could “harm national security,” she grants him that prerogative because she is not an independent voice in the branch of government meant to serve as a check on the President’s power. Instead, she is an apparatchik; she’s a Party mouthpiece faced with the task of capitulating to the Party leadership.

Don’t blame Obama for this… this has been going on since Lincoln illegally waged an unauthorized crusade against the free and sovereign nation of the Confederate States. All Obama did was take what Lincoln did and improve it a bit with modern technology.

So remember that next time you see the “Lincoln” name anywhere in the South… having anything named after Lincoln in the South is like having something in Israel named after Hitler.

Hitler and Lincoln are one in the same… only thing that separates them is about 50 years and their national identity. Hitler was obsessed with ancient Nordic Aryan myths, and Lincoln was obsessed with creating a mythical American “Romanesque” Empire.

Hitler murdered millions in cold blood in pursuit of his deranged dream, and the only thing that stopped Lincoln from murdering millions was that the South ran out of people to kill.


A Court fit for a Yankee Dictator…

per_tajfront_121910_154741a_8colIn an extraordinary case of collective amnesia, nobody can quite remember just how it happened. As the Empire headed toward the worst recession in years, the Florida Legislature handed $50 million to judges to build a courthouse now branded the Taj Mahal. The building that opens to the public Monday began as a request to spend up to $20,000 to determine if a floor could be added to the existing courthouse. Over the next four years — often in secret — it turned into a building fit for royalty and a multimillion dollar debt taxpayers will pay down for 30 years. The story of the Taj Mahal is told in documents — e-mail, minutes of court conferences and building committee meetings, and a trove of other records. It’s remarkable for the over-the-top details — like the soundproofing in the judge’s individual bathrooms — but mostly it’s the way things get done in Tallahassee.

Also to add insult to injury, the new Taj Mahal is an exact copy of the Michigan State Supreme Court building… A quick FYI, all of the Appeals  justices are Yankees… coincidence  I think not. We native Crackers need to take back our State and run these Yankees out… these gentiles can not be tolerated any longer.

The Heckler is currently working on a very in-depth story that will show the level of Yankee corruption in this state. Over 60% of Government workers in Florida are from a Yankee State, and 90% of the people that run Florida government offices are Yankees.

Natives we need to take a stand, and take one now… don’t hire Yankees, and only hire fellow Crackers or Southerners… the Yankees are not hiring our people, so we should not hire any of them.

We have to fight fire with fire!

Documents were obtained from the 1st District Court of Appeal, the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS), Florida State University, the governor’s office, the Legislature and other public agencies.


May 26, 1st DCA judges meeting

Chief Judge James R. Wolf says the court has outgrown its 23-year-old building downtown and wants to spend no more than $20,000 to determine if a third floor could be added. The judges’ vote to pursue the expansion option is unanimous.

Aug. 20, letter from DCA Budget Commission to Supreme Court Read the rest of this entry

Gun Retailers & Makers are Boycotting Gun Banning States/Cities

Since the Yankee States of New York, Illinois, and the crack-pot Marxist State of California has enacted severe restrictive new gun laws, many gun manufacturers have sent that state (and others) a message: If local governments are going to severely restrict the ability of citizens to own guns, then these companies will not be selling to law enforcement in those areas.

Among the gun manufacturers sending that message:

Support these gun retailers and manufacturers today!

$9 Minimum Wage Hike will Destroy Economy

images (1)Barack Obama is the colossal failure that happens when you have an electorate that doesn’t understand how to balance its own checkbooks, stay out of debt, plan for retirement, understand how basic business works, and gets all of their news from a bunch of Marxist goons on MSNBC, and a failed stand-up comedian on Comedy Central — or worse, a president who does understand it, but isn’t trying to fix the economy.

If you raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour, that means you’re making it MORE EXPENSIVE for businesses to hire people. If something is more expensive, then people will do less of it. That’s how it works. It also means that the businesses will pass this hike onto the consumer by way of a major hike in the cost of goods and services. Say hello to $7.00 a gallon gas, and $10.00 for a gallon of milk.

This will increase unemployment, and send the economy sinking even further into the abyss of the Second Great Depression. This will destroy jobs. And because of that, this will ruin lives. But Obama doesn’t care, because it achieves his goal — more people will be unemployed, poor, and on food stamps, welfare, and unemployment. He’ll be literally creating voters to support his system of government-dependent poverty.

A free people respond to incentives. This is the first, most basic, principle of economics. This means lower prices drive more buying. Higher prices discourage it. The more someone charges for something, the less likely you are to buy it. This is basic — even someone like Obama should understand it. I guess the problem with Uh-Merica today is that we have waaaaay too many illegal alien scum bags and legal immigrants from piss poor thurd world countries that are socialist states, and we have way too many so-called “African Americans” who embrace the victim mentality that has been thrust upon their mantle by the race baiters and anti-Southern bigots of the far left and moderate right for the past 40 years. News flash if you were not born in Africa, and were instead born in America then you are not an African-American… you are just a regular American. But this is a topic for another article. Back to the topic at hand… Read the rest of this entry

Florida GOP wants to use Drones against Floridians

Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forcesThe Florida Police Association wants the Negron Drone Ban amended to include an exception that would give police the ability to use Drones against Floridians for purposes of crowd control.

The sponsor, Florida Senator Joe Negron, who is a Stuart Republican, told a Senate committee on Wednesday he would vote against his own bill if such an amendment is added. Sen. Negron said that “such an amendment would have let King George use drones against the Boston Tea Party if the unmanned aircraft had existed in the 18th century”. He also added that it defeats the purpose of instituting such a ban in the first place.

The purpose of the Negron Drone Ban is to limit the ability of the Local, State, and Federal Governments from using drones against Floridians as a way to illegally spy on them, target them for assassination, or suppress a future revolt of Floridians against the government should the government become tyrannical.

The Community Affairs Committee unanimously approved the bill (SB 92) although several Republican and Democrat members urged Negron to consider loosening its restrictions and allowing the police to use Drones for crowd control, and suppressing civil unrest which would include open revolution. The bill would ban the use of drones for law and code enforcement with three major exceptions including terrorism. It also would allow drone use authorized by search warrants and in cases of imminent danger such as a missing child.

We would like to tip our hats to Senator Negron, apparently Read the rest of this entry

FHP Illegally Stopping Vehicles in Hernando – BEWARE!!!

441499The Florida Highway Patrol is currently conducting illegal traffic check-points, which violate the Fourth Amendment Rights of Hernandoians. The FHP is currently setting up road blocks, and stopping motorists not to check for DUI’s, for speeding, or an actual criminal offense, but instead to check your car for worn tires, bad exhaust pipes, broken head/tail lights, and cracked windshields.

The random checkpoints will take place during daylight hours on the following roads:

  • County roads: 476, 480, 481, 484, 491, 493, 495, 541, 580, 572, 576, 581 and 597.
  • Local roads: Barrett Road, Daly Road, Grove Road, Horse Lake Road, Kettering Road, LaRose Road, Osowaw Road, Reynolds Road, Ridge Manor Boulevard, WPA Road and Yontz Road.

If you are stopped by one of these road blocks then you need to tell the FHP officer that they are violating your Fourth Amendment Rights since the FHP does not have the right to stop motorists to check for worn tires or other mechanical issues. After all FHP officers are not certified auto mechanics or tire specialists so their opinion about the condition of your tires or running order of your vehicle is just an opinion.

Last time I checked, pulling over a motorist by setting up a road block just to check your tires is unconstitutional.

If you are pulled over and ordered by the FHP to buy new tires, or get an oil change, make sure to call local Attorney and former Judge, Peyton Hyslop who will likely be glad to have your business.

The FHP needs to be taught a lesson.

Four Assistant County Admin’s? Why?

Why do we have four new assistant county administrators in Hernando County today? Correct me if I’m wrong but if we have four new county assistant administrators then what is the actual county administrator gonna do? To use here at the Heckler it seems like a major waste of money to have a county administrator (who is over paid), and then four assistant county administrators that will basically do the job of the county administrator.

According to the new assistant county administrators are as follows:

  • George Zoettlein, Assistant County Administrator for Budget and Community Development;
  • Russ Wetherington, Assistant County Administrator for General Services;
  • Brian Malmberg, Assistant County Administrator for Operations; and
  • Ronald Pianta, Assistant County Administrator for Planning and Development

So again correct me if I’m wrong here but it looks like to me, that these new four assistants will be essentially doing the job of the county administrator. So again why not fire the county administrator, save a few hundred thousand dollars, and then have these four people do his work instead?

I guess since all of the REAL work has been delegated to four new over paid employees, the new county administrator can really dedicate his time to doing important work like playing golf, boating, and hanging out at the Boston Cooker.

I don’t know why I should be surprised by any of this… the County Commission is run by four Republicans and one Democrat, so I guess this type of cronyism is par for the course.

Boycott the Blueberry Fest until the Red Light Cameras come down!

BlueberryFest-logo-small-610x610This is gonna be a simple and easy blog post… EVERYONE needs to boycott the Brooksville Blueberry Festival until the Brooksville red light cameras are taken down.

The red light cameras have been proven to be a major safety issue by USF in a 2012 study, and the cameras are nothing more then a way for the City of Brooksville to fleece its citizens and the people of Hernando County out of their hard earned money.

Click here to read about the University of South Florida study which proves that red light cameras are deadly devices that increase rear-end accidents and only exist to bring in extra revenue for the government. The study also points out a glaring fact that 99% of all red light running violations (i.e. the act of running a red light) are manufactured issues by local governments, so they can argue the case to bring in a camera.

You see the local government needs more money for top level salaries and benefits so they start looking for new revenue sources, and since government does not make anything it has to figure a way out to fleece the tax payers without them knowing it. Read the rest of this entry

Obama Plans to use Drones to Attack Americans!

184d07796A confidential Obama Justice Department memo concludes that the Imperial Armed Forces, CIA, or White House can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be (A) “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or (B) “an associated force” which is just legal code for rebels or Americans/Sheriffs who are resisting efforts to seize guns or causing major civil unrest. The memo also states that the Imperial Federal Government can order the strike even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the Empire, are in open revolt against the Empire, or are close to succeeding in seceding from the Empire.

The 16 page memo (click here), a copy of which was obtained by NBC News, provides new details about the legal reasoning behind one of the Obama administration’s most secretive and controversial polices: its dramatically increased use of drone strikes against al-Qaida suspects, including those aimed at American citizens, such as the  September 2011 strike in Yemen that killed alleged al-Qaida operatives Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. Both were U.S. citizens who had never been indicted by the U.S. government nor charged with any crimes.

What is even more shocking is that NBC News released this information given that they have been in the tank big time for Mein Fur Obama since day number one… could they finally be getting cold feet, and waking up to the reality that this nut job is a naked Marxist tyrant? Lets hope so… we need more then just FOX News out there fighting the Democrats if things are going to get any better.

The secrecy surrounding such strikes is fast emerging as a central issue in this week’s hearing of White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan, a key architect of the drone campaign, to be CIA director.  Brennan was the Read the rest of this entry

Why Are We Equipping the Enemy?

America_Cold_WarThe reason why we are equipping our enemies with out dated Federal weapons technology and equipment is because (A) we get foreign gold coming into our coffers, and (B) we create a future war to intervene in 5-10 years down the road.

The short answer is that the power of the Federal Empire over its people rests with its war powers. Without a war, conflict, or bogy-man, congresses ability to use taxation as a source of power over the people is incredibly diminished.

Spanish American War Before the Spanish American War, the Federal Empire gave the Spanish Empire old outdated Springfield rifles by the ton, and gave them outdated ironclad warships to beef up their outdated Spanish Navy. The Federal’s then sent the USS Maine into Havana harbor and scuttled it… of course Federal Imperial History will have you believe that it was sunk by a Spanish torpedo or mine. This has been proven to be 100% incorrect, and the latest research from the University of Miami has pointed to a controlled demo or sabotage. In other words according to about 110 years worth of research, there is no way that the USS Maine could have been accidentally sunk (Sunk).

World War II Before World War II, the Federal Empire heavily funded the Nazi Party. The Federal stock markets sent billions of dollars to the Nazi’s by way of loans, the Federal Military sent the Nazi’s advanced weapons plans and top secret technological information, and the White House helped to lean on its European allies to treat Hitler with kid gloves. The Federal Empire also heavily funded Japan with foreign Read the rest of this entry