Boycott the Blueberry Fest until the Red Light Cameras come down!

BlueberryFest-logo-small-610x610This is gonna be a simple and easy blog post… EVERYONE needs to boycott the Brooksville Blueberry Festival until the Brooksville red light cameras are taken down.

The red light cameras have been proven to be a major safety issue by USF in a 2012 study, and the cameras are nothing more then a way for the City of Brooksville to fleece its citizens and the people of Hernando County out of their hard earned money.

Click here to read about the University of South Florida study which proves that red light cameras are deadly devices that increase rear-end accidents and only exist to bring in extra revenue for the government. The study also points out a glaring fact that 99% of all red light running violations (i.e. the act of running a red light) are manufactured issues by local governments, so they can argue the case to bring in a camera.

You see the local government needs more money for top level salaries and benefits so they start looking for new revenue sources, and since government does not make anything it has to figure a way out to fleece the tax payers without them knowing it.

In the case of red light cameras the local governments order the local Public Works people, or the Sheriffs Office to set the caution light timers to the bare minimum allotted amount of time. This in turn creates a timing issue with the traffic lights which causes normal safe drivers to run red lights, which causes traffic accidents, and or fatalities that would have otherwise never occurred.

In essence the government is causing people to run red lights by tampering with the timing of the traffic lights, which in turn actually causes accidents and actual freaking deaths!!!

Maybe you pro-Red Light ratards should read that again and let it sink in reaaaaaal gooood.

Since there are government created traffic accidents, and then fatalities, the government then offers a government solution to this problem which is a red light camera program solution to a fake fabricated government created safety problem.

In any event we are joining the growing Blueberry Festival Boycott which is a Facebook based project that has the support of some current sitting County Commissioners, School Board Members, previous Hernando political candidates, and many other very notable Hernandoians.

So to the City of Brooksville… if you read this you need to take down the cameras now. We the people of Hernando WANT to get Brooksville back on her feet and thriving again, and these cameras, along with your inept leadership are slowly killing the City.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. Texas got rid of their red light cameras, becuase the cities couldn’t prove that they were not just a revenue generating scheme.

    • The difference is that Texas is run by Texans, whereas most of Florida… at least the Southern part are run by people who migrate here from areas where Red Light Cameras and Gun Bans are common place.

      We need more native Crackers in charge here in Hernando, or at least some non-natives that are assimilated Cracker-Jacks/Janes.

      In any event thanks for the comment, thanks for reading, and thanks to WWJB for letting us know about the ban.

      • Well LeRoy, we have Yankees creeping in here, too. But most of them aren’t NETs. They come mostly from the Yankee Plains states, so many assimilate. That being said, if you go sit in a mall in Dallas, and listen with your eyes closed, it’s hard not to think you’re in Minneapolis, by all the accents you hear. That having been said, the light cameras were a Yankee Transplant idea, that like many, got voted down before it did too much harm. But who knows how long this situation will last. Native Texans are already being laughed at for their accents, in their own state. But I feel for you, LeRoy. Every time I see some representative from Florida, I cringe. That’s mainly because I think they are from New Jersey or New York, not Florida. They don’t sound like Floridians, anyway. But I also cringe because I know that more Yankee Communism is going to be inflicted on a Southern state. Especially one with a longer history than New England. I read your blog because I like to keep up with the cause around the CSA. Also, Florida is like Texas and Virginia, it’s a key state in the CSA. How these three states go, Dixie goes.

      • Very well said, and I’m sad to hear that Dallas, the Jewel of Texas, is being flooded with Yankees in the same way that Florida is being flooded.

        We are in the process of partnering with a new group, the Florida Heritage Society, which is going to be a native Florida Cracker social group whose goal is to retake our state and run the Yankees out.

        They seek to build “Cracker Clubs” around Florida, which will be like the Yankee Moose & Elk Lodges and will give native Crackers the ability to hang out with fellow Crackers to network and socialize.
        They also seek to fight for the advancement of native Florida customs, culture, history and the scrapping of all Yankee transplant culture in Florida.

        While I will admit that these goals are lofty, and very much long term, I believe that if they can get a good head of steam behind them then who knows.

        Another main priority is to educate native youths about their heritage before they can be brainwashed or reverse assimilated into transplant culture, and to encourage all able bodied Crackers of legal age and sound financial standing to have at least 2 children at a minimum to help double our population over the next 30 years and outpace the transplants, and to raise those kids as Crackers.

        Out in Texas the Texas Nationalist Movement is a great group that seeks to accomplish the same things that the Florida Heritage Society wants to accomplish here. I would advise checking them out.

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    • OMAR_0559@YAHOO.COM


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