Four Assistant County Admin’s? Why?

Why do we have four new assistant county administrators in Hernando County today? Correct me if I’m wrong but if we have four new county assistant administrators then what is the actual county administrator gonna do? To use here at the Heckler it seems like a major waste of money to have a county administrator (who is over paid), and then four assistant county administrators that will basically do the job of the county administrator.

According to the new assistant county administrators are as follows:

  • George Zoettlein, Assistant County Administrator for Budget and Community Development;
  • Russ Wetherington, Assistant County Administrator for General Services;
  • Brian Malmberg, Assistant County Administrator for Operations; and
  • Ronald Pianta, Assistant County Administrator for Planning and Development

So again correct me if I’m wrong here but it looks like to me, that these new four assistants will be essentially doing the job of the county administrator. So again why not fire the county administrator, save a few hundred thousand dollars, and then have these four people do his work instead?

I guess since all of the REAL work has been delegated to four new over paid employees, the new county administrator can really dedicate his time to doing important work like playing golf, boating, and hanging out at the Boston Cooker.

I don’t know why I should be surprised by any of this… the County Commission is run by four Republicans and one Democrat, so I guess this type of cronyism is par for the course.


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