FHP Illegally Stopping Vehicles in Hernando – BEWARE!!!

441499The Florida Highway Patrol is currently conducting illegal traffic check-points, which violate the Fourth Amendment Rights of Hernandoians. The FHP is currently setting up road blocks, and stopping motorists not to check for DUI’s, for speeding, or an actual criminal offense, but instead to check your car for worn tires, bad exhaust pipes, broken head/tail lights, and cracked windshields.

The random checkpoints will take place during daylight hours on the following roads:

  • County roads: 476, 480, 481, 484, 491, 493, 495, 541, 580, 572, 576, 581 and 597.
  • Local roads: Barrett Road, Daly Road, Grove Road, Horse Lake Road, Kettering Road, LaRose Road, Osowaw Road, Reynolds Road, Ridge Manor Boulevard, WPA Road and Yontz Road.

If you are stopped by one of these road blocks then you need to tell the FHP officer that they are violating your Fourth Amendment Rights since the FHP does not have the right to stop motorists to check for worn tires or other mechanical issues. After all FHP officers are not certified auto mechanics or tire specialists so their opinion about the condition of your tires or running order of your vehicle is just an opinion.

Last time I checked, pulling over a motorist by setting up a road block just to check your tires is unconstitutional.

If you are pulled over and ordered by the FHP to buy new tires, or get an oil change, make sure to call local Attorney and former Judge, Peyton Hyslop who will likely be glad to have your business.

The FHP needs to be taught a lesson.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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