Florida GOP wants to use Drones against Floridians

Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forcesThe Florida Police Association wants the Negron Drone Ban amended to include an exception that would give police the ability to use Drones against Floridians for purposes of crowd control.

The sponsor, Florida Senator Joe Negron, who is a Stuart Republican, told a Senate committee on Wednesday he would vote against his own bill if such an amendment is added. Sen. Negron said that “such an amendment would have let King George use drones against the Boston Tea Party if the unmanned aircraft had existed in the 18th century”. He also added that it defeats the purpose of instituting such a ban in the first place.

The purpose of the Negron Drone Ban is to limit the ability of the Local, State, and Federal Governments from using drones against Floridians as a way to illegally spy on them, target them for assassination, or suppress a future revolt of Floridians against the government should the government become tyrannical.

The Community Affairs Committee unanimously approved the bill (SB 92) although several Republican and Democrat members urged Negron to consider loosening its restrictions and allowing the police to use Drones for crowd control, and suppressing civil unrest which would include open revolution. The bill would ban the use of drones for law and code enforcement with three major exceptions including terrorism. It also would allow drone use authorized by search warrants and in cases of imminent danger such as a missing child.

We would like to tip our hats to Senator Negron, apparently he is one of the last remaining true conservative Republicans, and he should consider leaving the sinking ship that is the GOP and join either the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party. The Conservative Wing of the Republican Party is quickly going the way of the old Southern Wing  of the Democrat Party, and just like the Southern Democrats, the Conservative Republicans will one day wake up and finally see that their party has been infiltrated and taken over by a steady stream of socialist moderates.

The only true conservative political parties in Florida are the Libertarians and the Constitutionalists and both would love to have some conservatives join them.


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  1. The thing that bothers me about drones is not the lethal potential. I don’t live in town. But I’m sure that in Yankee dominated areas, the fines and citations will start arriving in your mailbox over all kinds of imperfections on your property that violate county statutes. For example, having a stack of lumber or a compost pile, that’s out of sight and miles from town, deep in the woods, yet offends the sensibilities of effete urbanites. The drones will bring all the legal hassles of town, into the country. Better make sure you clipped the grass around your mail box. Here in North Texas, the national guard and the Counties patrol twice a year with aircraft, looking for marijuana patches. Drones are a whole lot cheaper, fly more often and see a lot more and counties need all the revenue they can get.. The big threat is to your property, bank account and liberty. By the time drones start shooting, it won’t matter anyway, because we’ll be at war and the Yankees will be on the ropes.

  2. The author of this peice very obviously dones’t understand the first thing about the bill or the subject.

    • Bob:

      How are we not understanding the bill? The Republican controlled legislature wants to give local police the right to fly spy drones over your property whenever they want to spy. This has nothing to do with missing children and everything to do with using these infernal machines to spy on you and me.

      Before you know it Hernando County code enforcement will have drones flying around Spring Hill and Brooksville looking for illegal sheds, people watering on non watering days, owning chickens without a permit, and doing other things.

      The Republicans are no longer a conservative party. Those that still believe that they are conservative remind me of the Southern Democrats back in the 1980’s who still believed that the Democrat Party was conservative.

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