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Florida Health Insurance Premiums WILL go up 27% thanks to Obamacare


We have reported time and time again the fact that Obamacare is causing health insurance premiums to rise. Today the non-partisan Society of Actuaries released a stunning report that details the dramatic increases on individual health insurance plans in the United States under the implementation of Obamacare.

According to the study, only 5 states in the Federal Empire will see individual health insurance rates go down: New York, Massachusetts  Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.  Every other state in the Union will see insurance premiums for individuals rise.  The sharpest increases happen in Ohio and Wisconsin, where individual rates are projected to increase over 80%.

This is another reason for us Floridians to hate Yankees… no wonder these jerks supported Obama and Obamacare so much. It is also another reason to not vote back in Rick Scott who failed to exercise Florida’s 10th Amendment rights in nullifying Obamacare.

The study does not cover insurance plans provided by employers, as the main focus of Obamacare was to insure those who could not get health insurance through their work.


Here are the percentages by which Obamacare is expected to raise state by state: Read the rest of this entry


Gay Marriage out of Florida!

This will not be a long post, because by now you have likely been inundated by hundreds upon hundreds of anti-gay marriage stories and news articles from Faux News. It will also not be a long a message because currently in the great state of Florida, the unholy and sinful act of allowing homos to marry is illegal. Its illegal because the people of Florida voted to amend the Florida Constitution to prohibit the act of Gay Marriage forever. Whether you agree with this or not, it is the 10th Amendment right of Florida to limit the religious act of marriage between a man and woman.

Gay Marriage should be a States Rights issue. It should not be crammed down the throats of Floridians by the Federal Empire, who oppose Gay Marriage. The last poll by the Miami Herald showed that 87% of Floridians opposed Gay Marriage. The last time I checked the Miami Herald was the most liberal rag in the State next to the Orlando Sentinel and the Tampa Times.

If you are gay and live in Florida, and want to marry, then move to a State where its legal. Problem solved. The rights of Florida’s tax payers, and the 10th Amendment rights of the State of Florida shall not be infringed upon!

If you support Florida’s right to outlaw gay marriage then please change your FB profile picture to the inequality sign now!



Also lets not kid ourselves here. Gay Marriage is not about two gays being allowed to marry. If the homos wanted to get married so bad then they would have all moved to New York or Massachusetts by now and got married. After all why would a group of people remain in a state like Florida that they hate, and try to force its anti-gay population into supporting their evil act?

The reason why they are hanging around is because the gays want the Federal Empire to force the States into allowing gay marriage. They want the Feds to do this because they believe that if the Federal Government legalizes gay marriage, then it will trump the holy bible and the word of both Jesus and God, and in doing so will save them from going to hell, and it will destroy the keystone of the Christian religion which is marriage between a man and a woman.

This entire gay marriage rights deal is purely an anti-Christian movement meant to destroy the American Church, and to save the un-holy from going to hell by way of the Federal Empire. You see these liberals don’t worship Jesus or God, they worship the Federal Empire, and since they worship the Federal Empire they believe that if the Feds say that gay marriage is okay, then they won’t go to hell.

It also means that it will destroy the Church and will destabilize the conservative base in America. Lets face it once gay marriage is legal you can bet that the Federal education system will begin mandating that every student should take a pro-gay course, and once it is legal it will be a hate crime to speak out against this un-holy act. Once the church is gone, then it will be only a mater of time before the conservative and libertarian base will also be gone.

If you believe that this is just about equality then I have a bridge in New York to sell you as well.

Back from Vacation…

Sorry for not having any compelling articles for our readers to digest over the past 2 weeks. We have been on vacation and are just getting back online.

Bear with us as we play catch up and try to grasp all of the foolishness that has occurred in Hernando County.

REPRINT – How to stop a DHS Tank…


This story is a reprint of a story we featured last week about how the DHS has just purchased 3 entire armored divisions of light armored attack tanks to use against the American people.

Our story was about how “We the People” can use the age old Molotov Cocktail as an effective anti-tank weapon against DHS’s new anti-liberty toys.

After posting this story we were flooded with e-mails asking us to just do a single story about Molotov Cocktails, and well we can’t ignore our readers. Below is a re post of the original story in its entirety, in addition to a couple of new videos inserted in to make the story more enjoyable the second time around.


Since our bullets will do nothing against these war machines, we here at the Heckler would like to suggest that our readers begin diversifying their weapons stock piles with anti-tank items.

Now it would be illegal for a civilian to stock pile actual anti-tank weapons such as tank mines, IED’s, or other explosive items, so we are not suggesting that at all.

Instead we are suggesting that our readership begin drinking more glass bottled beverages. Yes you read that right. Empty glass bottles are actually an age old anti-tank weapon that has been used by oppressed peoples the world over to take out every kind of tank imaginable.

During World War II the Russian people used Molotov Cocktails to take out heavily armored King Tiger tanks and various other forms of Nazi Panzer tanks. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to the Empire – NJ Mom Arrested and Guns Seized after Reading from US Constitution at County Meeting

mother_arrestedFor all of you stupid Uh-mericans out there that proudly fly the Federal flag, have about half a dozen Merican flags plastered all over your vehicle, have a few ‘Merican flags tattooed on your person, own a Federal flag shirt with some bull shit propaganda phrase like “Lets Roll” or “Freedom Isn’t Free” on it, or even worse are dumb enough to foolishly call the Federal flag, the American Flag then thank you.

If this describes you, even if my comments might have offended you, but they still describe you, then you should be giddy over this story.

After all you have bowed down and worshiped at the altar of the Federal Government so much that it has now mutated into a full fledged Empire, and just like back in 1861 the Yankee States of the North are all too willing to become loyal subjects of the Empire and carry out the will of the tyrannical Imperial government regardless of intent of the founders, or the fact that their actions are very un-American. Read the rest of this entry

Federal Empire Prepares to march on Americans

We would like to thank Bob Haa and WWJB 1450 AM’s morning show, Haa Wire for letting us know about this. For whatever reason it slipped below our radar. Apparently the Dept. of Homeland Security under Obama, has just purchased enough light armored tanks to create 3 armored divisions.

_40256105_man_blocks_tank_238According to one estimate, since last year the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm. The rampant stock piling of DHS under Obama, in combination with the rampant stockpiling of  ammo by the American people in response to Obama, has created an ammo shortage which is now about 1 to 2 years long for most types of ammo.

Don’t believe me, well try going down to Wal-Mart, Shoot Straight, or Fort Huffstetler to buy some ammo. Chances are you will find that you can’t most types of ammo because they are completely sold out.

Well apparently the DHS ammo stockpile was not enough for Obama, and this past week they decided to take their hoarding activities up a notch by stocking up on light tanks. Read the rest of this entry

41% of Democrats support using Drones to Kill Americans…

Obama-laughingGood grief, these were the same jack-asses who ranted endlessly against how evil George W. Bush was for denying (non-American) al-Qaeda members Constitutional rights when captured on the foreign battlefield.

These are the same yellow bellied, granola eating, tie-die wearing, fruit loops that run around and yell that a 7 round magazine on a gun is evil, guns are evil, the NRA is evil, and that if you own a Confederate flag or declare to be a defender of States Rights or Southern Nationalism then you must HATE all minorities, and must be a closet Nazi.

Yet these same Marxist ratards Read the rest of this entry

New Hernando Cell Tax…

Well the Republicans hath screwed you all again, and have imposed a $0.10 cent tax on your cell phone bills. The only one on the County Commission to vote against this new tax hike was Jim Adkins, and that is because he is retiring this year. Basically he does not have to worry too much about the local Republican Party coming down on him for voting against a tax that they apparently support.

Lets not kid ourselves here, the elected Republicans and Democrats in this county are nothing but puppets of their local Hernando Party counterparts. Rowden does not do anything without first consulting the local Hernando Democrat Club, and her Republican counterparts do the same. Otherwise how would all of the backroom deals that these two political regimes ink in smoke filled secret meetings ever get done?

The alternative to the new tax would have been using revenue generated by auctioning off ceased and impounded HCSO property. Apparently the Sheriff and the County Commission would rather keep a bunch of confiscated drug cars and other items around vs. selling them at auction like every other county does. The real question is what happens to this stuff? Does the Sheriff or the County Commission just keep it around for “X” number of days and then take it home with them? Read the rest of this entry

Yankee Media HATES Southerners…

Don’t believe me, well watch this…

God Save Dixie!