New Hernando Cell Tax…

Well the Republicans hath screwed you all again, and have imposed a $0.10 cent tax on your cell phone bills. The only one on the County Commission to vote against this new tax hike was Jim Adkins, and that is because he is retiring this year. Basically he does not have to worry too much about the local Republican Party coming down on him for voting against a tax that they apparently support.

Lets not kid ourselves here, the elected Republicans and Democrats in this county are nothing but puppets of their local Hernando Party counterparts. Rowden does not do anything without first consulting the local Hernando Democrat Club, and her Republican counterparts do the same. Otherwise how would all of the backroom deals that these two political regimes ink in smoke filled secret meetings ever get done?

The alternative to the new tax would have been using revenue generated by auctioning off ceased and impounded HCSO property. Apparently the Sheriff and the County Commission would rather keep a bunch of confiscated drug cars and other items around vs. selling them at auction like every other county does. The real question is what happens to this stuff? Does the Sheriff or the County Commission just keep it around for “X” number of days and then take it home with them?

Basically if you have a cell phone that you get billed monthly for, then you will be taxed on it, and it really adds up. For a basic $100 cell phone plan you will be paying an extra $0.40 cents, and for a $200.00 plan you will be paying $0.80 cents. While to some (that are deep in debt) this might seem like a drop in the bucket, but to those of us out here that avoid debt like the plaque, and try to live within our means, an extra $0.40 or $0.80 is not back breaking expensive, but it sure does smart.

Its more about principle then anything. If you are burred in debt then the concept of living within your means, or standing up on principle is probably alien to you.

In any event the only way to get out of this tax will be to scrap your contract cell phone service, and go down to Wal-Mart and get a “pay as you go” cell phone. If you have a contract right now I would strongly advise you to let it expire, cancel your service, and then head down to Wally World and get a fancy Android cell phone. In the end you will be paying about $40.00 a month for a brand new Android phone with unlimited minutes, unlimited data, unlimited texting, and no Hernando County communications tax vs. paying $140.00 for the same phone with less minutes, less data, less texting, and the new tax.

Do it or not, but don’t say that we have not warned you!


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