41% of Democrats support using Drones to Kill Americans…

Obama-laughingGood grief, these were the same jack-asses who ranted endlessly against how evil George W. Bush was for denying (non-American) al-Qaeda members Constitutional rights when captured on the foreign battlefield.

These are the same yellow bellied, granola eating, tie-die wearing, fruit loops that run around and yell that a 7 round magazine on a gun is evil, guns are evil, the NRA is evil, and that if you own a Confederate flag or declare to be a defender of States Rights or Southern Nationalism then you must HATE all minorities, and must be a closet Nazi.

Yet these same Marxist ratards overly support their guy (i.e. Obama) using drones to go around and kill you, me, and every other pro-gun, pro-secession, pro-States Rights, pro-Constitution, and anti-Federal Government American.

They also support Obama using drones to kill suspected terrorists without a trial, much less evidence that they are guilty, but at the same time still openly lament Bush’s anti-terror procedures, which were about 100 times more legal then that of Obama.

These people are either idiots or hypocrites… take your pick. Here is the screen shot of the poll results:





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Proud native Floridian.

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