Welcome to the Empire – NJ Mom Arrested and Guns Seized after Reading from US Constitution at County Meeting

mother_arrestedFor all of you stupid Uh-mericans out there that proudly fly the Federal flag, have about half a dozen Merican flags plastered all over your vehicle, have a few ‘Merican flags tattooed on your person, own a Federal flag shirt with some bull shit propaganda phrase like “Lets Roll” or “Freedom Isn’t Free” on it, or even worse are dumb enough to foolishly call the Federal flag, the American Flag then thank you.

If this describes you, even if my comments might have offended you, but they still describe you, then you should be giddy over this story.

After all you have bowed down and worshiped at the altar of the Federal Government so much that it has now mutated into a full fledged Empire, and just like back in 1861 the Yankee States of the North are all too willing to become loyal subjects of the Empire and carry out the will of the tyrannical Imperial government regardless of intent of the founders, or the fact that their actions are very un-American.

After all the power of the Federal Empire shall not be challenged… we serfs must obey its authority over us or else!

Furthermore, this is why we here at the Heckler LOATH every single un-assimiltaed Yankee carpet bagger (i.e. retirees) that are currently squatting over in Spring Hill and Weeki Wachee. These people are the very same group that will be out volunteering with Homeland Security to round up your guns, and take away your rights when the Federal Empire decides to march against “We the People” for the purposes of stripping us of our freedoms, and forcing us into the perpetual chains of eternal bondage and servitude to the power of the Federal Empire.

If you are an assimilated Yankee then please disregard my ranting because these statements were not directed at you. You are not the problem, and are just as much a Cracker as I am. My comments are directed at the jerk’s who refuse to assimilate into the Florida culture and well become Floridians.

Yankees that refuse to assimilate are no better or worse then the illegal Mexicans that come down here, live illegally, refuse to speak English, and outright refuse to assimilate.

Why am I so worked up? Well in the event you have been under a rock lately earlier this week, the Federal goons in what is called New Jersey arrested a mother for speaking out against property taxes at a town hall meeting by reading from the U.S. Constitution… and worse yet they charged her with terrorism and seized her guns!!!

Maybe you “Mericans out there should put down the 72 ounce soda and corndog for a second and read that again… and let it sink in real good.

After reading from the Constitution at a community meeting about property tax assessments, a New Jersey mother of one was arrested for “terroristic threats” and “contempt,” and her properly-licensed guns were confiscated. The woman, whose parents survived the Holocaust, learned that “it can happen here.”

Eileen Hart and her husband attended an informal meeting in the Gloucester Community Center. The citizens assembled there to complain that Appraisal Systems, Inc. (“ASI”), which New Jersey hired to reevaluate property values, was valuing them too high. Mrs. Hart, an Orthodox Jew, also complained that the ASI representative’s attempt to inspect her house when her husband wasn’t present violated her religious beliefs.

Mrs. Hart arrived at the meeting armed . . . with a copy of the Constitution. When it was her turn to speak, she stated her opinion and read from the Constitution. The County Tax assessor, claiming she had the right to “enforce the law,” refused to let Mrs. Hart finish speaking. Said Mrs. Hart:

That’s when the young man came toward me. I knew he was going to put his hands on me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I said to him “Don’t you dare touch me.” Then they threw us out of the auditorium. The young man from Appraisal Systems, Inc. was the one going postal, and I believe if HE HAD A GUN, he would have shot me, Keith and Khloe on the spot. I was calm the entire time.

In the parking lot, the ASI employee copied her license plate number and screamed “See if you are able to pay your property taxes NOW.”

When the Hart’s arrived home, five police cars were at their property to follow up an “an allegation.” In front of her frightened little girl, the police arrested Mrs. Hart for “terroristic threats” and “contempt.” The arrest document, which was written by an officer who did not witness the events leading to her arrest, alleged “The Defendant was yelling and screaming and making the threatening comment. ‘If the door is locked. I’ll be back with a gun.’”

Because a records check showed that Mrs. Hart legally owned two hand guns, the police demanded her guns or she would be subject to a punishingly high bail. Mrs. Hart surrendered the guns and was released on her own recognizance.

Given the fact the the Government (its really an Empire) of the United States is our enemy, the most un-patriotic thing you can do right now is fly the Federal flag, or join the Federal Imperial Armed Forces.

If you think like I do then you need to ensure that your kids, and your grand-kids know this fact before the Federal Education System can brain wash them.


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