REPRINT – How to stop a DHS Tank…


This story is a reprint of a story we featured last week about how the DHS has just purchased 3 entire armored divisions of light armored attack tanks to use against the American people.

Our story was about how “We the People” can use the age old Molotov Cocktail as an effective anti-tank weapon against DHS’s new anti-liberty toys.

After posting this story we were flooded with e-mails asking us to just do a single story about Molotov Cocktails, and well we can’t ignore our readers. Below is a re post of the original story in its entirety, in addition to a couple of new videos inserted in to make the story more enjoyable the second time around.


Since our bullets will do nothing against these war machines, we here at the Heckler would like to suggest that our readers begin diversifying their weapons stock piles with anti-tank items.

Now it would be illegal for a civilian to stock pile actual anti-tank weapons such as tank mines, IED’s, or other explosive items, so we are not suggesting that at all.

Instead we are suggesting that our readership begin drinking more glass bottled beverages. Yes you read that right. Empty glass bottles are actually an age old anti-tank weapon that has been used by oppressed peoples the world over to take out every kind of tank imaginable.

During World War II the Russian people used Molotov Cocktails to take out heavily armored King Tiger tanks and various other forms of Nazi Panzer tanks.

During the Vietnam War the North Viet-Kong used Molotov Cocktails to take out Sherman tanks, Walker T. Bulldog tanks, and basically every form of Armored Personnel Carrier that the Yankee Army could throw at them.

Currently in Iraq and Afghanistan the terrorists have used Molotov Cocktails to take out the worlds most powerful tank, the Yankee M1A1 with ease, in addition to these light tanks that the DHS just purchased.


Here is the Heckler guide to creating a formidable stock pile of Molotov Cocktails in the event that that the Federal Empire chooses to use these DHS light armored tanks against you and I to illegally over throw the Constitution:

  1. Buy a 24 pack of your favorite bottled beer. We have found that Coors Light works best because the 24 pack comes with a cardboard separator that keeps the bottles nice and neat. Although large whiskey, vodka, rum, or wine bottles work much better.
  2. Drink all of the beer, whiskey, or wine. But for the sake of not making this into a short book from here on out we will stick with just beer bottles.
  3. Clean out the bottles. We put all of our in the dishwasher to get rid of the labels and the leftover beer.
  4. Put the clean bottles back in the cardboard box and set aside.
  5. Get some old t-shirts and cut them up into 24 individual strips of fabric. The strips need to be long enough to reach the bottom of the inside of the bottle, and hang about 4-6 inches out of the top of the bottle. Its really a preference thing. You don’t want the fuse to be so long that it swings around and burns your hand, but long enough to prevent igniting the cocktail in your hand. So use your best judgement.
  6. Once you have the 24 strips of fabric, insert them into the empty bottles.
  7. Once all of the empty bottles have a strip of fabric in them, you need to seal the box with duck tape and store in a safe place. Like your attic.
  8. You DO NOT need to fill the bottles with gas or any other flammable liquid at this point. This is done when the SHTF and there is a need to weaponize these empty beer bottles.
  9. Separately from the bottles you need to store about 5 gallons of gasoline in a certified gasoline canister, in a safe and well ventilated area.
  10. At this point you have just stock piled enough bottles and gas to create 24 Molotov Cocktails, and will need to do nothing else. Again DO NOT fill the bottles and store them… actually don’t fill the bottles at all unless you need to use them, or want to test them out.
  11. If you test out the cocktails then remember to watch out for leftover shards of glass once the fire dissipates. Also don’t throw one of these at any people, animals, houses, cars, or other items, and especially don’t throw these in a wooded area.
  12. We recommend testing out the bottles by tossing them into a certified burn pit that is in line with all local fire ordinances.

Here is a brief video from You Tube on how to build a proper Molotov Cocktail:

So take that DHS! This is our answer to your new purchase of light tanks which you plan to  use against us.

If you have to attack a tank with a Molotov Cocktail then remember to hit the tank in the rear or top exhaust ports, front or side gun holes, or if the vehicle has rubber tires, then try to hit these.

Here is a brief graphic we got from google which shows how to take out a traditional Russian tank from the 1950’s.


For a more destructive Molotov Cocktail we also recommend doing a google search on how to make Greek Fire which is better known as Napalm. For those of you that are not hip to history, Greek Fire or Napalm has been around since the ancient times when the Greek Empire had to fight for its life against the Persian Empire.

Back in the ancient days the Persian’s were way more advanced and had what was the mightiest navy of its day. The Greeks in response to their far superior foes created a weapon known as Greek Fire. Essentially the Greek Fire was placed inside ceramic viles with a wick sticking out of one end. Basically these were ancient Molotov Cocktails.

As the Persian warships, troops, or war machines got within throwing range of the Greek warriors, the Greeks would light the wicks and toss the viles at the Persians. The viles would break open and release a ultra sticky fireball that could not be extinguished with water or sand.

Essentially the Greek Fire would take out entire warships and entire groups of soldiers with so much ease that it ultimately forced the Persians to halt their repeated invasions of Greece numerous times.

Historians have been able to recreate this substance and its nearly identical to Napalm.

So to sum up this post… the Yankee Army is now buying light tanks to use against us, and while a tank is a lot more intimidating then any gun you can buy at a gun store, it is not impervious to all of the legal and conventional weapons that we law abiding citizens can own. One such weapon would be the age old and very affordable Molotov Cocktail.

Our suggestion is that if you fear that the Federal Empire is gonna use these tanks to strip us of our rights, then try investing in a few cases of empty beer bottles.


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