U.S. employees set to be forced to give bosses their Facebook PASSWORDS

highres_16960028-jpegWhile the residents of Hernando County are all up in arms about new taxing units being created to pay for the Counties Fire, Police, and library services everyone has utterly missed the boat on the fact that your Congress is about to pass one of the most freedom killing laws of this century.

In a hundred years when our great-grand kids look back on the year 2013 they will likely compare it to 1913 when our great-grandparents sat around and allowed the Federal Empire to cram through the 16th and 17th amendments.

The name of this new liberty killing law is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) and it will give the government the ability to read your e-mails as you type them, take pictures out of your online accounts, look through your computer remotely without a warrant, it gives the Federal Empire the right to basically ban or censor certain online media outlets (i.e. the Heckler), it gives the IRS the ability to track your online web surfing to see if you are perhaps buying or selling things without setting aside a certain % for the IRS, and lastly it gives your employer the right to legally demand that you give them the passwords to any online account you belong to.

Yes you read that right… perhaps you should read it again.

Essentially your employer can now demand that you turn in all of your Facebook, Gmail, iTunes, online gaming, Netflix, and other account user names and passwords or be fired.

We are not really sure why CISPA includes this, but it does, and guess what it just sailed through the Republican controlled house and worst of all YOUR congressman Dick Nugent chose to not vote on this bill, which was a Republican bill to begin with.

Out of the house 196 Republicans voted for this new liberty killing law with 29 Republicans voting against it, and 6 choosing to not vote. Meanwhile across the isle more Democrats voted against this bill then for it. When the dust settled 92 Democrats voted in favor of this evil bill, 98 Democrats voted against it, and 11 Democrats chose not to vote at all.

Don’t believe me, well read it here… http://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/113-2013/h117

Its sad when the overtly Marxist political party chooses to vote against a bill like this and the so called conservatives voted for it.

As I have stated many times before, the GOP is more socialist at times then the Democrats are… the only difference is that the GOP does a better job of wrapping themselves up in certain big name conservative planks. If you take the 2nd amendment, marriage defense stances, pro-military, and anti-illegal alien planks out of the GOP platform then they are essentially the Democrat Party.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I loath Democrats and their Marxist Party. Despite this I hate Republicans even more so because they lie about their Socialist agenda, at least the Democrats are open about it.

An attempt to ban US bosses from asking employees to hand over their Facebook login details has been blocked by Congress.

A last minute alteration to the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) that would have prevented employers demanding that prospective employees disclose social media passwords as a condition of employment was voted down in the house of representatives.

The proposal, put forward by Democrat Ed Perlmutter was defeated by a 224-189 majority, according to the Huffington Post.

Handing over passwords could legally be a condition of acquiring or keeping a job, said WebProNews.

Perlmutter said of his amendment before it was defeated: ‘It helps the individual protect his right to privacy and it doesn’t allow the employer to impersonate that particular employee when other people are interacting with that person across social media platforms.

He warned of an invasion of privacy and the potential of employers to ‘impersonate’ employees online.

The Democrat initially proposed the password privacy measure as part of the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act of 2012 and warned that social media users have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

In a statement he added: ‘They have an expectation that their right to free speech and religion will be respected when they use social media outlets.

‘No American should have to provide their confidential personal passwords as a condition of employment.’

Perlmutter faced criticism from bill sponsor Mike Rogers who claimed that he was trying to kill the act.

He said that the issue should be addressed in separate legislation.

But previous attempts to counteract the increasing trend of employers asking for prospective employees social networking login details have failed.

The Password Protection Act 2012 was introduced to Senators and Congressman but was not passed.

The overall act would allow the US Government and private companies such as Facebook to share information with one another should they come under cyber attack.

But critics of the contentious bill, which initially failed when it was rejected by Senators last year, say that it would bypass privacy laws and allow companies to hand over users’ information to the Government.

They claim that it would prevent companies who hand over people’s personal details from facing legal action and effectively justify social media spying.

But CISPA received

Although the Act was ratified by the House of Representatives, there is a good chance that it could yet fall through.

CISPA was also approved by Congress in April 2012, but was rejected by the Senate. The White House even threatened to veto the act at the time.

Republicans Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger have once again put CISPA forward as they say that it is vital that companies have the ability to stop threats materialising in light of an increase in the number of foreign cyber attacks from countries like China.

Facebook initially came out in support of CISPA, but its name has since disappeared from a list of firms fully supporting the bill this time around.

And the social networking site vice president of US Public Policy Joel Kaplan reassured users that Facebook has no intention of sharing sensitive personal information with the Government.

He said: ‘The overriding goal of any cybersecurity bill should be to protect the security of networks and private data, and we take any concerns about how legislation might negatively impact Internet users’ privacy seriously.’

But other big name companies including IBM, Intel, McAfee and Time Warner Cable are in favour of CISPA. If you love liberty then you need to boycott these businesses, and then elect a new Congressman next time around.

Nugent dropped the ball on this one big time. By not voting the voices of the people of Hernando County were not heard.


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