Black Supremacists Want Stone Mountain Carving Destroyed

carvingWhile it is no secret that the Black Supremacist movement in America and NBC both hate Southerners, it has been unknown that the local Atlanta based NBC affiliate hates them as well.

Typically TV affiliates don’t often share the same view that their national flag ship does. For example down here in Tampa the local FOX13 channel is very liberal, while their national flag ship counterpart is very conservative. So its hit or miss.

Earlier this week local Atlanta based NBC 11 went on the war path as they reported around the clock about how an unknown Black Supremacist in the City of Atlanta wants to have the Dixie National Monument relief carving of Confederate Generals Lee, Jackson, and President Davis at Stone Mountain destroyed.

The individual behind the push to have Stone Mountain destroyed recently circulated a petition through Survey Monkey to a bunch of local Marxist-Liberals and to the various local news agencies in Atlanta. To date this survey only has 12 respondents who are most likely friends and family of the survey maker/anti-Southern bigot.

In essence this is a non-issue that should not be reported on by a major city news agency. Heck my teen age niece has more respondents on her “Is Justin Beiber the cutest guy in the world survey” then this guy has on his.

So why is this being reported upon? Why would one of the major news outlets in the City of Atlanta, which is home to nearly 4 million people report on something like this?

The answer as to why it was reported upon is simple… NBC 11 in Atlanta has an agenda to push, and that agenda is anything anti-Southern.

Here is a link to the online version of the story which from what we have been told by some of our readers up in Georgia, has been aired non-stop on NBC 11 for the better part of this week.

Also make sure to vote “NO” in the poll.


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