The myth of modern racism in Uh-Merica…

Found this very interesting and had to post it… Obama and the libtard’s / State Media have tripped all over themselves as they try to make Treyvon Martin out to be some Civil Rights era like martyr for equality, but often ignore minorities who are shinning examples of up standing citizens. In a nut shell the libtards and the State Media love the “I’m a person of color and I’m held down by the evil whitey” type of minority. They love these people because these people are subservient to the Federal Empire for the most part and as such easy to control by way of socialist welfare programs, which are designed to keep them on the “plantation” for life.

Basically give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for life. Southerners believe in teaching people how to support themselves, and the libtards believe in taking your fish and giving it to those that are too lazy to catch their own fish, and instead of admitting that they are lazy they instead blame the white people for their inability to catch fish. After all if a person of color fails at something during their lifetime it must be the fault of a white person… it can’t be the fact that the person of color is a reverse racist who is lazy or a career criminal.

In any event here is the picture:



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