Back in the Saddle!

Carter Shields Cabin, Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TennesseeWell I’m back in wild and wonderful Hernando County, I have been out of the area for the past 3 weeks on vacation in the great State of Tennessee. I stayed at my cousins mountain top farmstead and had one hell of a time. My cousins mountain top farmstead in Eastern Tennessee has been in our family since before Tennessee was a State, and was a distant outpost for Confederate troops under Gen. Polk during the 2nd American Revolution (i.e. War for Southern Ind). I’m proud to say that my ancestors, on my cousins side, did not surrender this hill top fort to any Yankee forces. They were relieved of duty in 1867 by the Lt. Governor himself.

It’s really gods land… if I had to move anywhere it would be to Tennessee.

Anyway please bear with me as I try to dig myself out of e-mails, post comments, and what has been going on around here while I have been out. In the mean time I will likely just post some quick stories for the rest of the week as I play catch up.

But stay posted because I’m working on a set of stories, one about the new Republican candidate Blaise whatever, about how the 2 party system in Florida has suspended the rule of law in regards to red light cameras, how the GOP controlled Hernando Commission has wasted millions of Federal grant money by building sidewalks to nowhere, and how the DNC controlled Hernando School Board has begun implementing common core mandates by eliminating the valedictorian honors.

Man it is good to be back…


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Proud native Floridian.

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  1. I don’t know why people can stand Blaise or allow him to be in the position he is in – I don’t even know him but saw him ONE time at a Repub meeting (which I will never ever attend ever again in my entire life) …and he is an uncontrollable disgusting pig.

    • LeRoy Jenkins

      People stand Blaise because this county is infested with Yankees who love shady characters from Jersey.

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