Pam Bondi wants a say in dismissed Brooksville red-light camera cases

94432_pam-bondiSurprise, Surprise, Surprise… the Florida GOP and their pin-up worthy FL Attorney General Pam Bondi continues to cement their reputation as a HUGE big brother / Police State Champion. Motorists with pending red-light camera citations rejoiced this month when a Hernando County judge decided to toss out right-on-red cases that came before him. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, however, was not pleased.

Bondi’s office has filed a motion asking County Judge Donald E. Scaglione to set aside his orders dismissing 31 right-on-red cases from the city of Brooksville. Scaglione threw out the cases during his May 13 red-light camera docket on the grounds that the enforcement process for right-on-red cases is unconstitutional.

Peyton Hyslop, who represented roughly a third of the defendants on the docket, noted that the uniform traffic citations are brought by the state.

“So it’s kind of ludicrous for the attorney general to say she doesn’t know what’s going on in court when the state of Florida is the one that filed the cases,” Hyslop said. “Now they’re saying, ‘We don’t like what happened, so let us have a chance to come,’ when they didn’t think it was worth their time to be there to begin with.”

Basically what occurred is that the FL GOP leadership is royally pissed that we Hernandoians had the nerve to shoot holes in their perfect little scam job called “red light cameras”. Which is why the FL GOP controlled legislature suspended the rule of law whenever anyone challenges a red light camera citation in Florida. This ruling effectively cleared the way for every two-bit County in Florida to add these unconstitutional devices without fear that the people could challenge their red light camera tickets in court and win. In order to close the loop, and hammer home their point that big brother runs this joint, the FL GOP sicked Ms. Bondi on local Hernando County Judge Donald Scaglione and are now attempting to charge all 31 people who had their cases thrown out over the past year.

So if you challenged a red light camera ticket in the past and had your case dismissed or tossed out, then guess what, the Republicans are gonna take care of that for you by making you pay your fine + court costs anyway. Rest assured Pam Bondi is on the job and is hard at work for the company that administers the red light cameras and the crooked politicians who have ordered them to be put up. Just some food for thought… the red light camera company is a major contributor to the campaigns of Republican officials at the State and City of Brooksville level.

Now all of this can’t be blamed on the GOP, about 34% of Democrats support the red light camera system as well. So there is that as well… bu last time I checked the DNC was not trying to legislate laws to suspend the rule of law.

Whats my point? Well both the GOP and DNC are the same party… their only difference is that they have a few different social issues they like to prop up for votes alone.  This is why you should really consider joining the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party.


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