Goodbye Jed…

6a00e554f403b688340120a74f0ae9970b-800wiWe here at the Heckler would like to wish Jed Baker, a very key person on the Heckler staff a big ole happy trails as he and his family move out west to Wyoming. Jed and his family are long time Hernandoians who have lived in eastern Hernando County since the 1870’s. Jed’s family moved to Hernando from central Georgia following the end of the Southern Revolution. They basically wanted to get away from the evil Yankee troops in Georgia and west central Florida has a land that was still void of Yankee troops for the most part. According to the story that was passed down from one Baker family member to another, ole great-great-great-great grandma Baker wanted to get as far south in Dixie as he could, so he could rally some Confederate troops into a band of guerrillas, and then take out the existing Yankee troops in the area. Back in the 1870’s not one single Yankee troop existed in Hernando County. Yankee troops did not arrive until closer to the 1890’s according to local records and Jed’s family tale.

While the family is uncertain how many Yankee troops this band of Confederate guerrillas took out, they are certain that they did take out at least 6 of them during this time because one of the prized Baker family heirlooms are a set of 6 really nice Yankee army belt buckles. As the story goes these were kept as trophies.

So why is Jed leaving the family farm behind today? Well Jed is convinced that Hernando County is beyond saving and that it will not be a good place to live in the very near future. Jed and his wife have 2 sons and 1 daughter and while they home school they are worried to death that in 20 years or less this entire region will just be one big nasty suburb of Tampa due to high speed rail, and the parts of Hernando that are not a suburb of Tampa will be a haven for more slack jawed retards from up North.

They point to the various sidewalks to no where as proof of their claims. For those that are not aware the sidewalks to nowhere are part of the Agenda 21 program and will sooner or later be tied into the money pit that is “THE Bus” and a high speed rail system that has been on the drawing boards since the 1970’s.

Once the high speed rail goes into effect this County will be lost. Heck look what happened to the County when they put that damned Suncoast expressway through… it ruined it over night.

Jed is leaving his 20 acre farm behind to a neighbor, and is moving out to the Wyoming mountains to a 100 acre farm.

Good luck Jed you will be missed… also leave the light on, I might be joining you soon.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. Michael Reves

    Checked the property records, There is no Leroy jenkins that owns property in Hernando county? What! No balls to use your real name?

    • LeRoy Jenkins

      Hmmm… Gosh, Ge, Wilikers… I wonder why I chose to use an alias? Perhaps to keep nut jobs like you from tossing bricks through my window, or blacklisting my very successful Hernando based business.

      It’s easier to spy on the corrupt baboons that have run this county into the ground secretly from inside the inner circle, then from the outside.

      Investigative journalism 101.

  2. Michael Reves

    It was the Old florida cracker?

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