Syrian Rebels Murdering Hundreds of Christians in Syria

As usual the Liberal and Republican run media (CNN, Fox, etc.) are choosing to ignore a grisly fact about the religion of peace (i.e. Islam) and how the Syrian Rebels, which are funded to the tune of $850,000.00 by the Obama White House, are systemically wiping out every single Syrian Christian and Jew they come across. To date the Red Cross estimates that as many as 75,000 Christian and 23,000 Jews have been beheaded or shot down by the U.S. Government supported Syrian Rebels.

Here is video of a group of Syrian Rebels, who are on the Federal Empire’s payroll beheading 4 catholic priests:

I warn you this video is very sick… I could not watch the entire thing.

Hopefully this angers you ass clown to get off your butts and do something… we are paying these butchers to do this… in essence the Federal Empire is supporting and funding a genocide of all Christians and Jews in Syria.

Its time for the Federal Empire to be dissolved.


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