Happy Imperial Birthday!


Happy Birthday to our Glorious Peoples Empire (July 4th)!

Make sure to raise the Imperial standard as high as you can today, slather yourself in its image, cover your car with Imperial flags, and don’t forget to bow down and worship it, after all your Imperial overlords are watching to see how loyal you are to the Empire. Anything less than total obedience to the multi-culturalist cause of gay marriage, socialist welfare, infanticide (abortion), common core, agenda 21, affirmative action, and loyalty to the endless unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies and departments that make up the Federal Empire will be viewed as heresy.

As a real sign of loyalty make sure to indoctrinate your children at the altar of the Federal Empire their entire lives so they will join our glorious people’s army that will be sent around the world to sacrifice their lives in countless meaningless proxy wars fought to enslave foreigners, control natural resources, spread the power of our corporations, and in doing so spread the power of our mighty Empire!

Heil Uh-Merica!

Heil the Federal Empire!

Heil Obama!

Heil McCain!

Heil Monsanto!

Viva La Mexico!

Death to all Libertarians, Confederates, Constitutionalists, Anti-Federalists, Secessionists, and any group that should oppose our destiny, especially those that still believe in those white racist right wing radicals called the “founders”!

Sorry I could not resist re-posting my flag day post.

In all seriousness, the Federal Empire is YOUR enemy and the Federal Empire used to be the nation you love. Just like a child that grows up to be a blood thirsty monster it would be unwise to turn a blind eye to the crimes of that child as an adult and fixate on how cute they used to be as a child.

Hopefully more of my fellow Crackers will wake up and understand that the “American Flag” is the Federal Flag, and that it is the flag of the enemy. Its not your friend buddy, or pal, its your oppressor, warden, and the biggest threat to your family.

With that said I will be raising the Confederate flag today in protest of the Federal Empire and all those who celebrate its crimes (Syrian Rebels beheading Christians by the truck load, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, NADA, Monsanto Bill, etc.)

God Save Florida, and God Save Dixie!


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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