Know Thy Enemy, Liberal-Marxists Willing to Give Up Rights to Support Obama

If I did not see the video myself I would not have believed it. While it should shock me, it really doesn’t, and the reason why it doesn’t is because Hippies, Marxists, Socialists, Liberals, Progressives, Fascist, Yankees, whatever you want to call them don’t value freedom and actually loath it.

These people would rather surrender their god given rights of freedom, and live under an Fascist Imperial Dictatorship. They are this way because they are lazy, and likely come from a long line of deadbeats, hucksters, and losers who choice to sit around and let life pass them by.They basically followed the Hippie-liberal mantra “Do what feels good”.

As this occurred their kids suffered and grew up looking for someone to blame except for the obvious culprit which is their deadbeat parents.  Instead of holding their parents accountable, they instead lashed out at the wealthy and hard working middle class families in their towns and communities for not intervening and helping their family out. These people have this view because as kids their parents, while sitting on the couch drunk, stoned, and unemployed would explain to them that “Santa is not coming this year because of old Mr. Burns down the street who is a millionaire is greedy, now leave me alone and let me get back to having orgies, abortions, and getting stoned“.

Thus little Johnny Hippie and Suzy Liberal grew up feeling sorry for their poor parents and hating all those around them that had actual material wealth, middle class, and those that were probably just as bad off as them but were perhaps wealthy in family, religion and so fourth.

To get back at these evil people who refused to shower their family with free money, food, all of those lost birthdays, vacations, christmas’s, and family moments little Johnny Hippie and Suzy Liberal went on a crusade to make the evil wealthy, middle class, bible thumping, god fearing, gun toting real Americans pay for not helping them out.

In their view the free market and freedom is evil, and government intervention is good. Thus why liberals set out to create a nanny state to ensure that everyone, everywhere is ensured to have the same standard of living which is Marxism no matter how you cut it.

The sad part is that these people really did have shitty childhoods, and what is sadder is that instead of making things better they are making worse by trying to force Marxism down everyone’s throats. These people are in essence keeping the destructive cycle of their parents going forward through government. In more simpler terms these people are turning government into the parent that they never had, but are instead just creating a more abusive government that acts more and more like the deadbeat parent they had as a child.

In the realm of nations, deadbeat nations are all Empires of one sort or another. In the case of the liberals they seek to bring about an all powerful Marxist Empire despite the fact that Marxism was proven to be an utter failure.

This all goes back to that old adage, “You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. Today’s Liberal-Fascists want us all to give them fish everyday so they can eat like kings while the rest of us responsible people have to work ourselves into an early grave to support them and if anything is left over ourselves.


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Proud native Floridian.

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