Threats from Black Panthers to Florida Crackers…


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  1. Damn, don’t these fools realize how ignorant and retarded they look and sound? For at least 50 years, they’ve been shouting “whitey” and “cracker.” Enough already b/c it sounds does indeed sounds racist to me. Very, very rare does a sensible black person tell ignorant black people to sit down and shut the f**k up, and put down/get rid of your weapons and BE a real man. Instead of threatening to burn up the suburbs, the panthers oughtta march their black asses to the ghetto and tell black thugs to stop selling/smoking crack. Tell ghetto residents to stop shopping for alcohol at the liquor store all day, everyday. Lecture to ghetto residents how wrong THEY HAVE BEEN FOR KEEPING BLACKS MAD AND ANGRY ABOUT SLAVERY! I challenge the black panthers to direct their shouting and preaching into the positive energy to repair and restore abandoned homes in the ghetto. How about opening legit businesses in black communities and provide the everyday essentials black people need on a daily basis. Instead of carrying weapons all f**king day long use your hands to stock grocery store shelves.

    I hear people say that back in the 60’s, the black panthers feed black children free lunches. With monetary assistance from the GOV’T, they purchased cafeteria-like buildings to feed children in their neighborhoods. Chapters in various locations received millions of dollars in grant money.

    Besides food, who would’ve known that the black panthers were also purchasing weapons for themselves and other black gang members. Secretly, they wanted to wage a war against the US/US GOV’T. Really?! The very same gov’t who granted you millions of dollars in FREE money. Thats gratitude for ya. Bastards. Its a good thing those free lunch programs came to a halt. Who would want their young child(ren) eating lunch in a building where weapons are stored? Not me, thats for sure.

    When I hear white people say that thay have armed themselves for protection, I don’t blame them one bit.

  2. What I do know is that there’s gonna be a lot of dead panthers and followers of the panthers. It kinda reminds me of the civil rights movement. Martin, Jesse, Al, and a bunch of other activists lead themselves and others into dangerous situations where they were sprayed with water hoses, bitten by police dogs, and beaten with night sticks causing serious bodily injuries.

    Only now, if black panthers follow thur on their threats, the weapon of choice will be guns/rifles/shot guns. B/C everybody in the world knows that panthers can’t breath/live without holding some type of gun. Its also gonna be white and Hispanics weapon of choice. But hold on a sec.

    Wasn’t it black people who claimed that blacks and Hispanics were in the same boat. Claims were made that both races were being targeted by law enforcement, arrested, and placed behind bars in large numbers. Oh yeah, Latinos were included also. Seemed as though they were victims/comrades. Now not only are whites the enemy but so are Hispanics. I don’t think blacks/black panthers really wanna f**k with Hispanics. They have ruthless and notorious gang members also. And I doubt if they’ll back down from a fight.

    So black panthers and their followers should take a minute to think twice about burning down anybody’s neighborhood. Arming themselves is the right thing for whites and Hispanics to do especially since black panthers have made public threats. I truly hope that all of Florida’s listening and watching b/c its up to them to protect themselves and their families.

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