Zimmerman Free!!!

George Zimmerman

That is all I have to say about that.

This trial was a farce that was perpetuated by Rick Scott, Barack Obama, the Black Panthers, DOJ, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the State Media.

The family of ANYONE killed by Black racists as a result of this verdict need to sue the media who hyped this case up and made it out to be anything other then a case of self defense. Trayvon was a violent street thug who attacked Zimmerman, attempted to kill him, and Zimmerman was forced to shoot Trayvon out of defense.

If Trayvon had succeeded in killing Zimmerman then we would never have heard anything about it.

Zimmerman needs to move out to Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, or Iowa where there are like 2 black people total live between all five of those states. He can’t remain in Florida because the Black Panthers and the racist NAACP will sooner or later kill him. His family needs to move as well. These racists are out for blood.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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