Facts About Islam – Muhammad was a Blood Thirsty Pagan Savage



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  1. If they didn’t teach you this in school then how did you get such enlightenment?

    • Its called college, at least they still encourage the truth at colleges in the South.

      Muhammad was a blood thirsty pagan barbarian who worshiped a moon God named “Allah”.

      • I beg to differ. How can an evil man be liked by so many? Have you read about Gandhi? He was humble and polite and this is the reason he got so many followers. Had he been a savage, he would have little following. Similarly most (if not all) prophets in history have been polite and Muhammad was too.

        I totally understand your confusion and this is because of the “Wahabi Movement” that is an ultra conservative “branch” is Islam that a lot of Muslims follow – even Muslims have forgotten about the teachings of Muhammad.

        In a nutshell, you are simply confusing followers of “Wahabi Movement” as followers of Muhammad – they are different.

        If you really want to see true followers of Muhammad/Islam, you will need to go back in history and study about Islamic Civilization during 8-15 centure

      • And yes, I wrote a similar post about our topic in discussion few days back:


      • Allah is an Arabic word that means literally means God.
        In Urdu, Allah is called Khuda
        So, Khuda is God. Khuda is Allah. All have same meaning and nothing to do with “moon”

  2. Le roy is an ignorant foolish intellectual, the vastness of your knowledge has no match with what you say. Do more research, and then shall you speak with wisdom not with your vile stupidity. Im baffled.

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