Hernando County the Crime Capital of Florida

Especially in Hernando!

Especially in Hernando!

It is a FACT that no other county in the State has a crime rate as high as Hernando County, especially in violent crimes, thefts, and drug related offenses. Per capita our County has more crime then the Cities of Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona, and even Miami. While its no secret to those of us living in Hernando County know what the issue is, many on the outside don’t have a clue. The reason why crime is so high is that little gem of a Yankee development called Spring Hill.

If not for Spring Hill our unemployment and crime rates would be almost nill, and who knows we might still have a community left in this County. In fact Spring Hill’s crime rate is somewhere between New Orleans and Atlanta if you look at our per captia stats.

Here are some stories from July alone that the major media outlets like Hernando Today and WWJB ignore. They ignore these stories because they are likely influenced by the Hernando Realtors Association and the Hernando Builders Association which need warm bodies to move down here to buy empty houses. The only problem with that is old Yankees can’t afford to retire anymore so instead we are getting a bunch of minority groups moving down here from places like Chicago, Philly, and New Orleans on section 8 loans. Worse yet the old Yankee retirees that have been living here since the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are dying at record levels and as a result their crime ridden children are inheriting their houses. Hence why the crime rate in Hernando is the highest in the State.

Now keep in mind these crimes occurred in Hernando County between today and July 1st.



















This is why we hate Yankees, they have caused this because every single one of these criminals are transplants per the Hernando  County Sheriffs Office. This is also why we encourage people to not move to Hernando until something can be done with Spring Hill, and by something we mean about 30% of it bulldozed.


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  1. You’re a disturbed one for sure. Where on earth did u get your statistics that hernando county has so much crime? You “hate people because of where they were born?
    You should be sterilized to prevent further reproduction and become the victim in a hunting accident.

    • Cracker Commander

      Our stats came from the FBI Crime Stats and from the media. Right now Hernando County is considered the prescription drug abuse and trafficking capital of America, and has 10 times the burglary, rape, and violent crime rate than Tampa has. Virtually all crime occurs in Spring Hill which is a community of only 100,000 Yankees. If not for the Hernando County Developers Club more people would in this county would know the truth, but sadly the facts are swept under the rug by the local media who live off of sponsorship revenue from this club.

      Apparently you flunked history if you can’t wrap your head around why Confederates hate Yankees, especially Yankee carpet baggers.

  2. It is sad but looking like its true, my wife and I were looking for a quiet place to buy and have as a winter home near some of the golf courses that I have played many times over the past few years. And no I don’t have any deadbeat children and yes I am a Yankee but after reading this and a few other articles Brooksville is out of my mind. Keep it to yourself looks like you deserve to live there!

  3. This is about the most ignorant website I have ever visited. You racist idiot.. Not all the crime happens in spring hill. I guess you are saying that U good ol crackers from the woods in brooksville don’t do anything wrong at all.. Perfect red neck Angels… LMAO… NOT!

    • Cracker Commander

      You are obviously another dumb-ass Yankee. How am I being racist for hating a bunch of lily white Yankees? Do you even know what racism means?

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