Black Panthers Threaten to Kill “Crackers” in Florida


So if you live in Florida, especially around Sanford then you need to keep informed as to what is going on with the trial, and if a verdict is gonna be released you need to either rush home and lock down the house, or get your family and flee.

Really depends on your prep and if you want to stand and fight, or turn and run.

Myself I plan on locking down the Jenkins ranch and arming up. Any looters that come my way will get the business end of my AR15.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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  1. Ever since the 60’s, damn panthers have been threatening the white race. I would love to see large groups of white men call them out. Call their bluff for once. Members of the original panthers have claimed that they have no ties with these new members but those claims could be false. They could just as well be behind the scenes. Usually, members become/are involved in illegal activities.

    Recently, a black woman was executed in Texas. Her name was Kimberly McCarthy (sp). She was married to one of the leaders of the new black panthers. She received the dealth penalty for killing her elderly white neighbor. At the time, Kimberly was a 30-something crack addict. She went to her neighbor’s house under the guise of wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. Once the elderly woman turned her back, Kimberly stabbed her to death then robbed her. DNA also links her to two more murders.

    Her ex-husband the black panther was present at her execution. According to reports, she whispered, “thank you,” to him. Of course, her execution’s gonna give him more reason to be mad and angry with the white race. The fact that she maliciously slaughtered 3 elderly women isn’t considered a crime in the panther/gang culture. So it wasn’t wrong of her to snuff out the lives of 3 innocent people who had did nothing to her.

    Wonder if I’ll live long enough to see somebody, anybody (black or white) confront these loud-mouthed, angry-all-the-damn-time-for-nothing, no ambition having black panthers.

    Upholding the tradition of being mad at whites b/c of slavery isn’t doing anybody any favors. Note to Panthers: IF YOU RESENT (WHITE) AMERICA THEN MOVE!!

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