White Southern Slaves


The following comment appeared in a Louisville, Kentucky, newspaper concerning the women and children whom Sherman had shipped north:

“The train which arrived from Nashville last evening brought up from the South 249 women and children, who are sent here by orders of General Sherman to be transferred north of the Ohio river. These people are mostly in a destitute condition, having no means to provide for themselves a support.”

They were hired out to perform work at a price that was at no more than a subsistence level, making them virtual white slaves for the Yankees.”

More than two thousand women and children were sent into the North in this manner. Current historical records were largely destroyed by the Yankee army in an attempt to cover up this war crime, along with many of their other atrocities that were carried out against innocent Southern women, children, and the elderly. Conservative estimates put the number at 2,000, while more liberal estimates put the number of captives at close to 4,000.

The papers in the area advertised them as if they were any other commodity for sale, and they were sold as much to Yankee robber barons. Many of these Confederate slaves were literally worked to death in Yankee sweat shops, or were treated as sex toys by vile Yankee millionaires or politicians.

What is even more shocking is that none of these people ever came back, and there are no records as to what happened to them.

And so the Yankees maintained their illicit trade in human flesh even as they were singing glory, glory, hallelujah!


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