Border Patrol Harrassing U.S. Citizens miles from the actual Border

Once upon a time I used to consider these guys the good guys, but not anymore. Apparently the Federal Empire has decided to use them as their gestapo by ordering them to setup un-constitutional road block “check points” throughout the border states, hundreds of miles from the border and the illegals, to allegedly search for illegals. The job of the Border Patrol is to be on the actual border and to stop them from crossing over it.

Not anymore I guess. Their new job is to sit hundreds of miles behind the border and harass legal citizens as they try to get to work, go shopping, and live their lives legally.

This gentleman heard about what was going on and instead of hiding from this constitutional violation he sacked up, grabbed his cameras, and headed over to the City of Pineview, CA which sits about 101 miles away from the Mexico-Federal Empires border. I guess its easier to pick on old white people then to round up machine gun toting drug runners.

In any event here is the video… I hope that this gentleman sues and every single one of these Nazi’s looses their jobs over this.

The lesson here is to never live in California, and to never trust ANYONE who works or serves with the Federal Empire. I have yet to see one of them stand up and do what is right. Just like German Troops that were under Nazi rule, they just mindlessly follow orders no matter how illegal they may be.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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