The Newest White House Standup Comedian – Jay Carney

Jay Carney last week tried to spread more pro-Mexican, pro-Amnesty trash through the media, only this time the media did not fully obey him. When telling the White House press corps that Amnesty “will increase salaries and add more jobs to the economy” some reporters started to laugh out loud.

Wake up you big dummies out there that think this is a good idea, if the White House press corps, the lap dogs of Obama think this is a bad idea to the point that they can’t contain their laughter, then its apparent that this is not only bad, but it will do the exact opposite of what they are saying.

The facts are that Amnesty, in any form, will bring about higher unemployment levels and a steady decline of the Uh-Merican salary. Mexicans will work for pennies if need be, and do you honestly believe that your employer is gonna keep paying you what you make when they can hire Pedro to work for half of your current salary? What is even better is that Pedro is a virtual slave, and as much thinks like one, so he won’t need those pesky things called healthcare, dental, retirement, holiday pay, or time off.

Mark our words the standard of living will decline Empire wide if we bring in a horde (i.e. about 35 million) Mexican slaves.

If you oppose Amnesty like we do then you need to consider becoming a secessionist, because I hate to break it to you but the leadership of the GOP and DNC are committed to passing Amnesty come hell or high water. They want it passed for the reasons I stated above. As salary and benefit levels drop, their profits will rise.

This is all about money and greed.


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