Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!!

kick-ass-boots-clr-backgrnd-300x251I just got the best news EVER! Apparently a TON, and I mean a shit load of libtard, mouth breathing, Hollywood celebrities have announced that they will boycott Florida and any State with a stand your ground law on the books. Christmas has come early at Cracker Commander house. I’m telling you something here. I have been praying that these ass clowns would fall off the Earth for years now, and having these people boycott Florida is the next best thing to having them fall in a bottomless pit somewhere.

Hopefully all of the self involved jack asses that like these phonies choose to boycott Florida as well. One can only hope. If they did then we could retake our land in no time flat.

A number of top-level celebrities are reportedly following in Stevie Wonder’s footsteps and plan to boycott Florida in protest of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” laws. The list, which was first reported by AURN’s April Ryan and credited a “a source close to Wonder,” includes the likes of Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna and Rod Stewart.

The Huffington Post is reaching out to representatives for a number of artists on this list and will update this post should more information be made available.

Wonder announced his intention to boycott any state with “Stand Your Ground” laws after a jury acquitted George Zimmerman for killing that violent street thug Trayvon Martin who was attacking him. Well Mr. Wonder you can go jump off a f’ing cliff you blind bastard, Trayvon was a violent street thug and got his just desserts for attacking an armed Florida Cracker.

Zimmerman is a hero and defended himself from a violent criminal who attempted to kill him.

We would like to call on every single Florida business that sells entertainment related products to pull the items for these phonies off the shelves. We are better off without these pro-criminal thugs.

Also as you can tell I’m a bit more rough then Leroy, and I don’t sugar things. I also don’t have patience for these Marxists who are trying to ruin my nation, the nation of Florida.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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