Islam the Religion of Pedophiles

An 11- year- old girl from Yemen has appeared in a YouTube video clip declaring she would rather die than be forced into marriage. The girl’s story has gone viral and reignited debate about child marriage in Yemen. Under Yemeni law, girls of any age are allowed to wed, but intercourse is prohibited until the child has reached puberty.

Ain’t that just special.

Yemen aside, its legal in every single Muslim country to force children as young as 5 to marry 30, 40, 50, and yes 60+ year old men. Its also perfectly legal under Muslim Sharia Law by way of the Koran for Muslims to have multiple wives (i.e. polygamy), and if these wives get out of line and shame the husband, then its legal for them to commit what is called an honor killing to restore honor.

The most common form of honor killing is beheading, and in Muslim nations its legal to murder a member of your own family if its an honor killing.

From what we understand this little girl is currently on the lamb, and has run away from home to avoid being raped by a 55 year old imam (i.e. a Muslim priest). If she is captured her family has the legal right to restore their honor by beheading her, beating her half to death with steel rods, or they can just leave her be and force her to marry a 55 year old child molester.

We here at the Heckler loath, and I mean loath Muslims of any denomination. If you have studied Islam in college, like I did while at UCF, then you will understand very quickly that Islam is a cult, and not a religion. Also as a cult it does not worship the Christian or Jewish God like they claim, but instead they worship a pagan moon God called Allah.

I could go into the full story but that is a blog post for another time and place. The point of this story is that Islam is the religion of child molestation and for whatever reason the Libtards out there go out of their way to protect these monsters, but to be fair Libtards also go out of their way to protect child predators here in Uh-Merica so I guess its all par for the course.


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  1. Again culture prevails here more than anything else.

    I would encourage one to do a more in dept study of the religion instead of a “class” probably taught by a unqualified teacher.

  2. not the religion u got it wrong. the prophet said to kill even one person is to kill humanity. lots of misconceptions about islam

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