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Detroit or Iraq?



Big Pharma… The New Baby Daddy


The Wars Over, Bad Guys Have Won!


Black Hate Crime of the Week – Penn Professor “God is a White Racist”


Can you believe that Penn University has this knuckle dragging mouth breather teaching religion? I remember back when Penn was an elite school like Yale or Harvard. This in my view has makes Penn U look like a bogus liberal brain washing facility given that they keep idiots like this on as faculty.

The only racist in this story is this so-called phony professor of religion. This Anthea Butler is not a professor of religion and is a professor of Black Racism.

If this dumb-ass was working at my alma mater UCF, then she would have been fired right after the interview. Meanwhile as I understand not only is Penn not gonna fire this jerk, but they are gonna give her a raise.

Here is the actual story… Read the rest of this entry

The Federal Government Supports Terrorism


Reason #1 to boycott all travel to NYC


How Bad is the Federal Debt and OUR Economy?


The ONLY Reasons why we are STILL in Afghanistan


Boycott “The Butler”


Besides being a reverse racist love fest, in which the movie makes all white Southerners out to be evil baby killing racists… besides the fact that Oprah is in it, a person who is a cult leader, race baiter, Obama lover, and just accused an innocent shop owner of racism, only to recant her story a few days later, there is another reason to boycott it.

You should boycott this crap fest of a film because Hanoi Jane is in it. This witch should be hung for treason but for whatever reason is still breathing, and is still popular. I guess what can you expect from a public that votes an Islamic Communist into office as its President for two consecutive terms.

Typically we ignore chain emails like the plaque, but this one is different, and this one is different because it’s 100% true and needs to be sent to as many people as possible. A communist loving ever living piece of human filth is about to be honored, and this human turds name is Jane Fonda. Read the rest of this entry

Tornado Outbreaks & “Global Warming”