Support Paula Deen – Ban Food Network


For those that have been living under a rock, the great Paula Deen got fired from The Food Network for saying the “N” word allegedly back in 2007 to a former white employee in the context of wanting to plan a “Plantation Style” wedding for her brother. She initially said she didn’t say it; but then admitted saying it and issued an apology.

Within hours of Ms. Deen announcing that she said the “N” word, and apologizing for saying it, the Food Network fired her.

Why in the hell did they even hire her in the first place? I mean lets call a duck a duck here… Ms. Deen is a 66 year old woman who was raised in Deep Georgia in an era prior to the Civil Rights movement for crying out loud. Did the Food Network honestly think that she had never said the nigger before? I mean really? If employment hinged upon having never said that word, then the whole damn country, both black and white would be unemployed. This is ridiculous and beyond absurd.

To prove my point I want all of my readers that have never uttered the “N” word or thought about calling someone a nigger to respond to this post in the comments field. I really want to see how many liars read this publication, because everyone has said it, or thought it, so what is the big hairy deal?

Essentially the “N” word was used in harmony with the word Negro, because it meant the same damn thing. Illiterate Yankees back during the age of slavery butchered the word Negro which is a Spanish word that means “Black”. Slaves delivered to the United States were brought here by the Spanish or the Portuguese, since these two language are almost identical both dialects refereed to the slaves on their boats as Negros.

When the Spanish and Portuguese slave boats pulled into Northern harbors around Massachusetts, the harbor staff and staff of the slave holding companies did not understand that Negro was the color of the slaves skin, and believed that the people themselves were called Negro’s, they were from the land of Negro, and as such if they were a people then the correct term to call them should be Neggers. Later down the road the “e” was dropped and replaced with an “i” for pronunciation purposes.

The term nigger was not meant as a derogatory term until around the 1900′s when ignorant whites began to use the phrase like an insult. After that it did not take long for blacks to figure out that the meaning of the phrase had changed from a descriptive phrase to an offensive phrase.

Prior to the 1900′s the term nigger just meant that the person was black. Essentially today we call black people black, 50 years ago they were called negro’s, and before that for decades they were called niggers.

As you can see the word was meant to be descriptive in nature, but thanks to the stupidity of white Yankees and Southerners in the early 20th century it became a derogatory term by the mid 20th century.

Despite the fact that it became a derogatory term for blacks in the early 20th century, the “N” word was not recognized as a derogatory term by other races in America and Dixie until much later in the 20th century. By my own personal estimate the term became an official curse word that should not be uttered around the 1980′s. In my region it was around 1985-86 to be exact.

Given the FACTS that I have just outlined, and they are FACTS, it is not surprising to me at all that Ms. Deen uttered the “N” word back in 1970 something while living in Deep Georgia. I bet that it would be safe to say that 99% of the population uttered the “N” word at one point or another back in the 1970′s South.

Hell I will admit to even saying the “N” word, not just once, but a number of times during my adolescence and even a few times during my adulthood. I’m no better then Ms. Deen in this respect, and you the reader are no better then either of us.

There will always be divisiveness in our country if we allow others to define what offends us. Frankly I’m fine with marking the “N” word as a nasty offensive word that should not be spoken by anyone. However that is not the case. The so-called “Black Community” has taken the stance that its quite okay for black comediennes, rappers, and thugs to use the word; yet all hell breaks loose if it is found out that a white person said it 40 freaking years ago? You know what? I bet Paula has said it since then too. Hundreds of times. Political correctness is killing all of the hard work of Dr. King.

If the word is as evil as many make it out to be then its evil and should not be spoken. Nobody that has an ounce of honor will attest to this. However the “Black Community” does not agree, according to them its only wrong to say the “N” word if you are a non-black person. Essentially if a black chef admitted to saying the “N” word then it would all be water under the bridge.

That my friends is a fine mixture of racial hypocrisy and racial bigotry served hot and fresh. Its hypocrisy and bigotry because if a white person does it then its evil, however if a black person does the exact same thing then its somehow okay? No. Its either bad or good and a persons skin color does not make it right or wrong.

A bad word is only as bad as the power we allow it to have.

For example, I have personally called hundreds of jerks “white trash”, “inbred hillbillies”, and “dirty Yankees” a million times too; in describing someone’s actions. Does that make me a racist? Furthermore does it make the countless droves of black people who have also uttered these same exact phrases racist?

My point is lets either stop the usage of these “evil” racist phrases or not. We can’t have this “its okay for black people to do this, but its not okay for anyone else to do it”, that in itself is racist. Thus to get to my point until the NAACP comes out and takes a no-exceptions stance on the usage of the “N” word and racist phrases across the board I don’t want to hear them bellyaching about how white people use the “N” word or had used it 40 years ago, 60 years ago, or 100 years ago when they have black comedians and rappers dropping the “N” bomb about 100 million times a freaking day.

Apparently political correctness is just code for legalized reverse racism… its okay for blacks to be racist to other blacks and other races, but lord help the first white person to utter the “N” word at some point in their life.

Contact The Food Network and tell them that you are sick and tired of political correctness. It is time for the voice of sanity to be heard.


About Cracker Commander

I'm a proud native Florida Cracker, Confederate, Dixon, Christian, and ardent Constitutionalist. I have dedicated my life to exposing the America for the Federal Empire that it is, and to push for peaceful secession for the native people of Dixie (Dixons) and Texas (Texans). God Save Dixie!

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  1. Thanx for this article. I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve heard blacks call each other niggers for years. The younger blacks say nigga. When I was younger, I heard the word so much in the black community that I looked it up in the dictionary. It read: an ignorant stupid person. It didn’t mention a person’s race or color. So I took it as anybody who was ignorant and stupid could be a nigger. I was in the 6th or 7th grade then. I also heard blacks calling whites racial names like cr**ker, white trash, and h**key. Blacks wouldn’t/didn’t say these words to a white person’s face though. Always behind their backs.

    The black community’s not bothered by the n-word b/c not only do the use it everyday all day, it can be heard in rap music, on television, and in books. Sherman Hemsley said it on The Jefferson. Not only that but he called the character Tom Willis a h**key in every episode. But I guess it was okay since it was comedy.

    Redd Foxx said it on Sanford and Son. Not only that he and Richard Pryor repeatedly used the n-word as part of their stand-up routines on albums and national television.

    The black community has cemented their use of the n-word. Only they can stop themselves from saying it.

    But there’s something else about the n-word that many people don’t know. Blacks aren’t really offended when whites say the n-word. THEY PRETEND TO BE OFFENDED. Being offended allows them to keep whites in the racist category. Even when race has absolutely nothing to do with a situation. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have overloaded black people’s brain cells on racism since the 60’s. EVERYTHING concerning white people is racist to black people. Not all but many blacks find easier to blame racist whites or racist society to excuse their own shortcomings. If you ask me, blacks are not only just as racist but they hates whites also. Even now, I hear blacks say they hate people but they don’t have a good reason or answer as to why.

  2. For years, the answer would be something along the lines of, “Because they made slaves out of black people.” Yes, slavery happened but there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Blacks blame white people who were born AFTER slavery for slavery. They even blame the white race for slavery AFTER slavery ended. Thats wrong.

    There are a couple of things about white people that many blacks are jealous of. Their skin (color). They have unity. And their hair (especially white women).

    Many blacks have to come to the realization that they are the ones responsible for changing their own attitudes and way of life. They’re the ones living in a make-believe world while everybody else lives in the real world.

    Paula shouldn’t’ve gotten fired b/c she said the n-word all those years ago. A black thug pointed a gun to her head while robbing the bank where she worked. Once the horrific ordeal was over, she went home and told her husband about the robbery. She said something like, “The nigger put a gun to my head.” Believe me when I tell you that there are many black people who would’ve said the same thing and more if it happened to them. Plus, it wasn’t as though she used the word in front of other people. She was conversating with her husband. What, a wife’s not allowed to have a conversation with her own husband about a traumatizing experience? Puh-leeze!

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