Stars N Bars Fly Again in Missouri Cemetery


Years after being forcibly removed by a lame duck Missouri Governor, the Confederate Battle Flag now proudly flies over the graves of Confederate citizens who died fighting for the freedom of Dixie.

For about a decade and a half this flag pole has been void of any Southern flags.

We want to thank the Active South Blog for reporting on this cultural victory in Missouri, and the Confederate flaggers in Missouri that stood up to the racist NAACP and the Missouri Government who did everything in their power to desecrate the hollowed Confederate soil of this Confederate cemetery.

This should go to show our readers what an organized, dedicated, and energetic base of locals can do against seemingly insurmountable odds. We need a group of flaggers and native crackers in Hernando to begin standing up for our local culture because its only a matter of time before the Yankees of Spring Hill attempt to change Brooksville’s name again, or attempt to make Spring Hill a city and the County Seat.

To date the Yankees in Spring Hill have attempted to change Brooksville’s name about 5 times by our count. Each time they try to change the name the local NAACP joins them in their demands, luckily up to this point these movements have all failed horribly. They fail because the City is not run by the County, and all of the Yankees behind these efforts live in Spring Hill and not Brooksville.

Some of the new Brooksville city names that have been suggested in the past by the Yankees and the NAACP are Spring Haven, Spring Hill (Yankees are not too original), Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, King, Freeman, Hope, Sun Valley, New Haven, Spring Wood, Marshall (after Thurgood Marshall), Douglas (after Frederick T. Douglas), Rosewood, and Menendez (the original name of Brooksville).

You can clearly see a trend in these naming conventions here. They are either Union War Criminals, NAACP Heroes, or generic subdivision names to help the Yankees lure in more retirees and ruin East Hernando.

As far as the Flaggers in Missouri go, keep up the good fight, and remember to fly the Southern colors high, especially higher then that Federal rag!


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  1. Ishmael Worth Mason, Jr., Commander, Camp 1597, SCV

    That is not the Stars and Bars, for the umpteenth time. It is the Confederate Navy Jack and for a short time, the Battleflag of the Army of Tennessee, CSA. THE STARS AND BARS WAS THE CONFEDERATE STATES FIRST NATIONAL FLAG!

  2. This is the battle flag not the Stars and Bars. Do some research.

  3. please notice difference between stars and bars and naval battle flag

  4. Glad to see the flag flying, but this is a photo of a Battle Flag, not the Stars and Bars, which was the First National Flag. The Battle Flag was the flag of the soldiers, not a flag of the government. A Battle Flag should fly at ALL Confederate cemeteries across the nation.

  5. Michael C. Lucas

    Ok glad a Confederate flag is flying, however that is not the 1st National flag “Star and Bars” please research your history. The “Star n Bars” was the first but not the last official national flag adopted by the Confederates States Government the last was the 3rd National flag with the CBF canton white field and red bar on the end which technically should be used over all others in support of Confederate Nationalism.

    • The term “Stars and Bars” has been applied, all be it ignorantly to every version of the Confederate national or battle flag.

  6. This Confederate Battle Flag is not the Stars and Bars…..
    The First National Flag was also known as the Stars and Bars… The first National resembled the Stars and Stripes of the United States… The first national had a Blue Canton with a circle of stars…. a horizontal bar from the canton to the right of red… a white bar the length of the red in the middle…then a long red bar the full length of the flag from left to right starting under the canton.

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