Black Hate Crime of the Week – Baltimore St. Patty’s Day Assualt

The video speaks for itself. A gang of Blacks surround this white guy while he is walking home from a party, they harass him, call him Cracker, and then savagely sucker punch him, beat him, strip him of his clothes, and then put the video on YouTube.

Out of the mob of 12 Blacks, 7 were members of the Baltimore NAACP and to date only 8 of the 12 have been arrested. Also to date the City of Baltimore refuses to classify this crime as a hate crime despite the video evidence which shows that it is a clear hate crime.

Yet another reason to ALWAYS carry a weapon with you, if this guy had been armed then there would be 4-6 dead thugs assuming he carried a 6 round clip. If he had a 13 round clip then there would be 12 dead thugs.

I always carry my concealed weapon, and have begun to carry this neat little “double tap” ankle gun that fires two .45 round bullets at once. Its basically a fancy derringer. I figure two guns are better then one. Especially given the fact that Blacks are sissy’s and attack whites in large groups.

If you don’t carry a loaded and chambered gun with you at all times then you are just asking to be attacked given today’s climate.


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Proud native Floridian.

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  1. So true. Black thugs are scum cowards of the earth. And not only b/c they are black but they’ve been using the “race” and “slavery” cards as excuses for their violent/criminal behavior and actions. For at least 150 years, they’ve been crying and screaming racism or a racist society as the reason for shooting/killing other thugs and innocent bystanders which includes children. And the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of these bastards overlook their erratic and dangerous behavior.

    I was reading online about the New Black Panther Party. The leader of this radical group of punks did an interview and stated that he and other panthers were setting out to kill every white person on earth. He called white people every racial slur in the book. I thought to myself nothing’s changed about these militant a**ho*es.

    Just like every other retarded black organization from the 60’s the panthers act the way they do as an excuse not to take care of themselves, families, and neighborhoods. These lazy f**ks do absolutely nothing for their families and communities except spread hatred and misery. Instead of repairing rooftops, floors, and walls, they are marching in the streets shouting the white man this, the white man that. In the meantime, their own houses and neighborhoods are crumbling. And they wanna blame the entire white race. Puh-leez! Panthers and other black gangsters in some ways remind me of the KKK.

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