Detroit or Iraq?



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  1. Years of corruption (gov’t and clergy) and the drug culture (crack cocaine) is what fu**ed up Detroit. I read online yesterday that not only did ex-mayor Kilpatrick go to prison (I know that) but his father was slapped w/ some charges connected to Kilpatrick (I didn’t know that). I also didn’t know that Kilpatrick’s mother (forgot her name) was ousted out of Congress b/c of her son’s actions.

    This one dude was elected mayor at the age of 31 and at 38 he was sent to prison for 15-20 years. Geez, he must’ve began ripping off Detroit as soon as he took office. He earned $840,000 in bribes and such. As if his own salary wasn’t enough to provide him w/ a decent living. Just plain greedy. I can only imagine how many other gov’t officials were ripping off the city. Wonder if they’ve gotten caught yet? How many others have been arrested and sent to prison?

    Then there are the drug dealers and drug addicts. There’s so many of them. They are such a heavy burden on any city/town/community. Families don’t stand a chance against drugs, especially crack cocaine and meth. Addicts are savages and thats how they should be treated. Decent citizens, no matter their race, shouldn’t have to put up w/ the foolishness of drug addicts. Them and dealers need an ass whooping. Ever since the 80’s, crack addicts have destroyed communities, especially black communities/neighborhoods. Detroit is a perfect example of how a once thriving city is now in poor condition.

    Stealing money for financial gain, making money thru illegal activities doesn’t last for long b/c your crime will catch up to you.

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