Black Hate Crime of the Week – Media Coverage of Lion vs Trayvon



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  1. I just read about the SENSELESS shooting death of Marley Lion. TRAGIC. One of the defendants, who was arrested after the fact for witholding info, stated to his father, “They killed that white boy for nothing.” They meaning the other 3 hoodlums. These no-good for nothing ni**as had planned on robbing the sports bar but decided to rob an unarmed 17-year old who hadn’t done anything to them. God, I hope and pray these criminals receive life so the never walk the streets.

    Speaking of streets, where’s Jesse and Al? Why haven’t they taken to the streets (along w/ the NAACP and Black Panthers) and conducted a rally? Why didn’t they shout to the world that Marley’s death was committed by monsters who killed a young man? Oh that’s right, Marley’s white. And the killers are black. According to Jesse and other nit-wits, there’s an epidemic of white-on-black crime. Which IS NOT true.

    Jesse and other so-called black leaders/organizations refuse to acknowledge that black males are out of control. They are a danger to society. Every nationality’s a target, but I’m noticing that whites and Hispanics are their main targets. It disgusts me even more that not enough black people are speaking up about how WRONG it is that these hoodlums have been/are taking the lives of innocent people.

    However, I did read online that there are black people against Jesse’s and Al’s rallies/support for the Trayvon incident. Jesse Pederson stated, “Civil Rights leaders taught black people to hate whites. For years, civil rights activisits have blamed the problems in the black community on racism.” Mr. Pederson said that it’s evil of those like Jesse to lie like that. And he said that white people need to over being considered racists. Its not racism from white people that blacks are suffering from. Its moral character. Jesse doesn’t like or respect Mr. Pederson b/c Mr. Pederson exposed Jesse Jackson’s shenanigans in a book called SCAM. In fact, Mr, Pederson exposes a

  2. lot about corruption/scams involving so-called black leaders.

    There are other revealing books about Jesse and MLK: And The Walls Came Tumbling Down by Ralph Albernathy. He exposes Martin’s extra-marital affairs w/ prostitutes. Its been reported that on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington not only didn’t they mention Albernathy’s name but his widow wasn’t even invited to the ceremonies. Juanita Albernathy watched it on television and they didn’t mention her husband at all. Ralph Abernathy was Martin’s best friend. During the civil rights movement he went to jail 44 times, just as much as Martin. He marched, protested, and boycotted right beside Martin and other participants. But when he wrote that book, his “friends” disowned him. They’ve been determined to write him out of the history of the movement. At Albernathy’s funeral services, they paid their respects and spoke highly of him.

    Anyway, this epidemic of random black-on-white crime MUST be addressed and very soon. Like after Martin’s untimely death. So that means its long overdue. By refusing to say anything to these black males about their wrong-doings, so-called black leaders/organizations that its okay to shoot/kill others. Hell, look at the high % of black-on-black crime!

    My prayers go out to the family and loved ones of Marley Lion. May God bless and comfort them.

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