The Enemy is not at the Gates… they are already here

1378614_558063404267084_1450578377_nThis is the enemy… know them, avoid them, don’t associate with them, don’t let them around your children, and if you own a business DO NOT hire them. Instead peacefully shun them.

You can’t win them over, or bring them over to your side. These people are maniacs, nuttier then squirrel turds, and no amount of logic, reason, or facts will EVER make them see how wrong and deluded they truly are.

These people will smile to your face, appear to befriend you, and behind your back they will curse you, call you redneck, hillbilly, or inbred… they will attempt to brain wash your children by overloading them with the “Do what feels right” failed mantra of the self destructive progressive fascists… and if you are dumb enough to hire one of these people then you are in for trouble. They will secretly work out a way to file discrimination charges against you for not being diverse enough.

Floridians need to do everything they can to peacefully encourage these Marxists to move to a State that is more in line with their ideals, like the Banana Republic of California, or the Peoples Republic of New York.

We natives can purge these trolls out of our lands without lifting a single hand, or firing a single bullet. Its called black listing, boycotting, and shunning. These techniques have worked for thousands of years with great success. If these libtard trolls can’t find work then they will have to move to a place that will employ them.

This is a simple strategy to take back our Republic in 20 years, instead of 120 years like many have estimated in the Free Florida Movement.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, or Progressive Floridian. This political animal does not and can not exist because Floridians are a God fearing conservative people.

If you are a aforementioned liberal loon and consider yourself to be a native Floridian then you are just another Imperial loyalist  who is living a lie. Please do us natives a favor and take I-95 north out of our land.


About LeRoy Jenkins

Proud native Floridian.

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