Can Texas Succeed and Seceding?

dont-mess1The simple answer is yes. Texas if it was a free nation would have the 13th largest economy, and its population is identical to Australia. Texas does not need federal tax money or grants to survive, it can support itself.

The next answer is, can Texas legally secede from the Empire, and that answer is no. It can’t secede legally from the Empire per the U.S. Supreme Court which does not really have a say in the matter. The Supreme Court can’t make laws, and can only interpret them, thus the opinion of the Supreme Court on the issue of secession is mute given that no Federal law exists that prohibits the act of secession, and given the fact that the U.S. Constitution is silent on the issue of States seceding from the Empire. Since no Constitutional law exists that expressly prohibits the right of self-determination (i.e. secession), then the Supreme Court can not, and shall not have an opinion on it.

The landmark case between Texas and the newly founded Federal Empire following the failed War for Southern Independence, that every anti-secessionist, Imperial lackey likes to point to as proof that Texas can’t secede was not over the question of secession, but over the terms by which Texas was admitted to the former Union. When Texas was admitted to the former Union back in the 1840’s the Texas Congress demanded that the treaty between the United States and Texas include a provision that would allow it to secede from the Union if it found that the Union was not working out for Texas. Instead of including this provision, the President of Texas included a provision to allow Texas to split itself up into 4 new States. Historical documents note that this was the mother of all miscommunications between the Texas Congress and the Texas President.

Thus the so-called “landmark” case which supposedly outlaws secession and any possibility of Texas leaving has nothing to do with secession, and only dealt with the question if Texas included a provision to secede in its treaty with the former Union when it became a State.

In fact, if you read the official black & white opinions of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, both as founding fathers, authors of the Constitution/Bill of Rights, and as Presidents, both of them stated very clearly that States can legally secede if they believe that the rights of their people are being impinged upon by the central government, and that it would be in their best interests to leave the Union peacefully.

Here is an entertaining video that is mostly accurate… like many Imperial loyalists they don’t understand the Texas v. Federal Govt. case following the failed War for Southern Independence. The confuse the question of Texas being allowed to secede per the terms of its entry into the Union, with the overall question of secession in general.

Also the video is inaccurate regarding the numbers of Texas who support secession. The video does its best to belittle the current Texas Independence Movement. Well just like its ignorance regarding the right of secession, the video shows its ignorance regarding the current movement.

Currently the Texas Ind. Movement has an estimated 1.5 million registered card carrying members. So in this respect the video is accurate. However the video fails to note that the overall movement has a total outreach of sympathizers who support Texas Independence. That total is currently estimated somewhere between 10 million and 15 million people either living in Texas, or outside of Texas, who would move to Texas if a vote for secession ever came before the people of Texas. Currently Texas’s legal population is 26.5 million people. Note we said legal. So if a vote was put before the electorate to secede, the vote would be an 11% victory in favor of secession.

Texas does have the right to secede, as does Florida.

For the record, Florida if she was a free Republic, she would be the 17th largest economy in the world (ahead of South Korea, Greece, Egypt, New Zealand, Israel, Sweden, and Finland), and would have the approximate population of Italy. Like Texas, Florida does not need the support of the Federal Empire and would be able to manage just fine without their support.

So next time you have someone tell you that secession is illegal, tell them that they don’t know what they are talking about. It is legal, it was supported by the founding fathers, and it will happen very soon.

The Empire is in a death spiral and the only hope for both Floridians and Texans is secession. It is out last resort, the nuclear option of “We the People” to ensure that liberty and freedom is maintained, it is our like boat.


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