Left-Wing Blogger and his “Oh S^*T Moment” about Obamacare…

flyingmonkeyHere is a print screen of a former uber left wing blogger from the deepest part of libtonia, yes this guy is from Berkley, CA. Last week this loon received his 2014 insurance quotes, with the rate hikes from Obamacare factored in. Not surprisingly the new rate hikes were about 40% higher then his insurance was before Obamacare.

Well as you can guess this crackpot really got a shock when he not only noticed how much of a hike he was expected to pay, but that he was trapped into paying this new hefty rate, or paying the $100 per month penalty fee to the IRS. The blogger goes on to say that he will not pay the fine and that the Obama regime can go to hell. Well I hate to break it to this guy, but unless he is Amish, a Muslim, or a Jehovah’s Witness he will be forced at the barrel of a gun to pay this penalty.

If he doesn’t pay the fine then he will get a one way ticket to a Federal Prison for a minimum of 5 years, hard labor, in a facility mind you that is home to murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and gang members… basically the worst parts of Oz.

Without further ado here is a print screen showing the liberal bloggers utter meltdown:



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